How do you illustrate all the excitement of the 20 year history of CPA Group?

From our inception in 1997 with our role at the Patrick Waterfront dispute through over 20 years of spectacular growth there are so many highlights to report.

However, when we decided to celebrate our first 20 years with the launch of a graphical timeline to display on our head office wall, we had to be very selective.

Visitors to CPA Group’s Brisbane premises cannot fail to see, right above reception, a record of many of the amazing events that have gone to make up the CPA Group story.

In addition to so many client milestones, we can recall office moves and office purchases, international expansion, company acquisitions and incorporations, all contributing to the company we know today.

We have made the news (often!), developed long term client relationships, added new services and products – it has been an amazing journey!

The only way to truly appreciate our new display is the see it in real life, but here is a photo to provide at least some idea.