The CPA Group Health & Wellness Spotlight is a constantly evolving package that strives to identify topical health issues affecting those working in mining, construction, maritime and oil & gas industries across Australia. The CPA Group Health & Wellness Spotlight was implemented across our sites and has since received phenomenal feedback.

Consisting of Tool Box Talks, PowerPoint Presentations, Posters and additional tools, the package brings a fresh and adaptable approach to health education.

We asked the architect of the program, CPA Group Perth-based Health & Medical Support Manager, Samantha Pearce, for a bit of information about the new topics and why they were selected.

For the 2020 calendar, we have listened to our clients’feedback – alignment with national health strategy time frames was of profound interest to most as well as combining our package to fit with each of our Clients’Health Promotion calendar.

Inspired by this feedback, and determined to avoid topics that are often repeated year after year to the point of no interest, CPA Group has added three new topics to the agenda; Dry July, Know your numbers and Creepy Crawlys while maintaining topics which were so successful in 2019 such as Mental Health, Quit Smoking and Manual Handling.


Without inducing expectation among staff to partake in the alcohol free month known as Dry July’, we have expanded this topic to educate the workforce on  the adverse effects that alcohol and drugs can have on the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals and their families. Sites can also opt to sign up to ‘Dry July’ using the official web site that raises funds for cancer organisations across Australia while enjoying the great health benefits!


This topic aims to open the door to basic medical knowledge for those who often avoid visiting their GP for a regular check-up. While useful information about what your vital signs should be is contained in this package, so is some information on how you can improve your health with basic changes to diet and lifestyle.

Additional tools included in this topic are aimed at involving site medics, gathering data and most importantly, identifying underlying health issues in the individual before they become chronic.


While this is an entertaining and fun topic, Australia is home to some of the world’s deadliest creatures. This topic aims to raise awareness of these creepy crawly creatures and offers guidelines on what to do if you encounter them. A comprehensive snake bite first aid poster is just one of the useful tools provided with this package.

Below is our official schedule for 2020. If you are interested in receiving more information for your site, please contact us on