One of Corporate Protection Australia’s most popular initiatives is the Health & Wellness Spotlight. CPA has just announced its eagerly-awaited 2021 Calendar.

Although the health promotion and education theme is a constant, the content changes and this year the format has also been revitalised to ensure maximum effectiveness across site workforces.

The CPA Group Health & Wellness Spotlight will again include Toolbox Talks, PowerPoint Presentations, Posters and additional tools.

Minor scheduling changes also ensure that, where applicable, the calendar is aligned with national health strategy timeframes.

We have also introduced two new exciting topics – Headaches and Migraine and Family health, keeping our H&W calendar content current and addressing common concerns that affect the workforce.

We asked the architect of the program, CPA Group Perth-based Health & Medical Regional Manager, Samantha Pearce, for some information about the new topics and why they were selected.

For the 2021 calendar, we have listened to feedback from both staff and our clients – alignment with national health strategy timeframes was of profound interest to most as well as providing a package to fit with each of our Clients’own Health Promotion calendar.

Inspired by this feedback, and determined to avoid topics that are often repeated year after year to the point of no interest, CPA Group has added  two new topics to the agenda; Headaches & Migraines’and‘Family Health’.

While maintaining topics which are relevant to the health and wellness of site workforces, we have also kept those that received positive feedback and high participation rates across our clients facilities such as Mental Health, Quit Smoking and Know Your Numbers.

Being actively involved in CPA Group’s Health & Wellness Spotlight gives our clients the opportunity to access fresh, fun and relevant health promotion material. Without wishing to embellish the advantages of our package, the addition of inclusive site activities each month has proven to be a game changer for those who have participated.

Enabling Clients to gather general health data across their workforce in a relaxed and inventive manner during monthly topics such as ‘Know Your Numbers’ and ‘Diet & Lifestyle’ has helped to remove the stigma behind Health promotion and subsequently seen an overall improvement in health and wellbeing of the participating workforce. Our site medics have really enjoyed rolling out these projects and counselling personnel to a better lifestyle.

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