Harley Sparke GAICD

Executive Chairman

Harley has been involved in the security industry for +30 years having undertaken a number of roles from guard to general manager.  Harley has also worked in other industries including finance and manufacturing and wholesale. He is highly regarded in the maritime security industry, having participated in government committees and reviews regarding maritime security legislation.  He is a sought after speaker at related conferences.

Harley specialises in the conduct of detailed security risk assessments and the provision of solutions to clients across a range of operational security management issues. He has been actively involved since inception in the consultation process with the Australian Government Department of Transport and Regional Services (formally DoTaRs, now Office of Transport Security [OTS]) in the development of Australian legislation to ensure compliance to the International Maritime Organisations ISPS code. Harley continues to be a member of the OTS legislative review panel.

Harley has had significant input into the resolution of some of Australia’s largest industrial disputes. Most notably, the waterfront dispute in 1998 which he managed with Sam and indeed launched the Corporate Protection group of companies.