People are our most important asset, and their health and safety is our greatest responsibility. Our goal every day is for all our employees to enjoy their role, be happy, work safely free from harm, so they can go home to their families and loved ones healthy and safe.

Corporate Protection Pty Ltd is committed to the health, safety and well-being of our team, our clients & customers, the public, and all other stakeholders.

To reinforce our commitment Corporate Protection has developed a comprehensive safety management system that is externally certified and audited.

Corporate Protection embraces the fundamental philosophy of Zero Harm, and adopts a risk management approach to health & safety management in the workplace.  We will provide the best possible quality and safety systems and practices to create a safe working environment.

Corporate Protection values the Work Health & Safety principles of our clients. We align our safety management system to support the safety goals of our clients.

Our Work Health & Safety Policy is based on a belief that the well-being of people employed at work, or people affected by our work, has priority and must be considered at all times during all work performed on our behalf. We believe there is no activity so important or urgent, that we cannot take the time to safely do our work.

Corporate Protection Australia has achieved third party certification in:

  • OHSAS 18001:2015 Safety management system
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational health & safety management system

Supporting your Health & Safety

Corporate Protection is an experienced provider of quality health, safety and risk mitigation solutions. To see how Corporate Protection can assist you to achieve your health & safety goals, please Contact Us

Quality Management

Corporate Protection’s core value is ‘Loyalty’. We demonstrate our loyalty to our clients and customers, by sharing their goals & values and continually improving our services, systems and processes to support & add value to meet or exceed your expectations.

Corporate Protection is committed to providing high quality services to meet our clients and customers expectations.

To support this commitment we operate and maintain a quality management system that is externally certified and audited, to ensure we deliver cost effective & innovative solutions to all our clients & customers.

Corporate Protection operates across a variety of industries and locations. To ensure consistency of service we have developed a uniform framework of systems and procedures, and we audit our systems through internal and external audits to ensure compliance.

Corporate Protection Australia Group has achieved third party certification in ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system.

Client & Customer feedback

We value feedback from our clients and customers and we use this feedback to improve our services. Please feel free to contact with any comments or feedback you may have.

Supporting you

Corporate Protection is an experienced provider of quality health, safety and risk mitigation solutions. To see how Corporate Protection can assist you to achieve your health & safety goals, please contact us.

Sustainability & Environmental Management

We understand that our environment is there to be shared, and cared for and preserved for future generations of our families and loved ones. At Corporate Protection we care about how our operations may impact the environment, and we work continuously to reduce any impact and add value to our environment and the communities which we operate within.

Corporate Protection is committed to ensuring all services are delivered in an environmentally sound manner. All levels of the group share the responsibility to prevent or minimise impacts on our environment.

Our Environmental Management System aligns with the international standard ISO 14001. It provides a systematic and structures approach, and builds environmental awareness through consistency of approach, education and training.

We will continually improve our environmental managements systems to ensure the highest levels of protection are provide to our environment by:

  • Adopting a risk management approach to manage potential hazards by identifying and assessing potential hazards, developing effective controls and reviewing and monitoring those controls for their effectiveness.
  • Reporting any environmental incidents that may occur. Thoroughly investigate them to learn and prevent further environmental incidents from occurring.
  • Reporting regularly our environmental performance
  • Providing training to all levels of our group, to develop an ethical environmental culture that embraces respect for the environment, traditional rights, customs and cultural heritage
  • implementing environmentally sensitive practices and behaviours that promote environmental accountability at all levels of our group