Corporate Protection owns and operates over 60 vehicles – vehicles that put in some pretty hard yards in rough and unforgiving terrain. Additionally, most of our vehicles are deployed on client sites – and are subject to some pretty strict guidelines and specifications. As such, we are acutely aware of the impact of energy efficiency on our operational costs.

So we’re excited to introduce our most recent fleet addition – “Electra” — a brand spanking new Toyota Rav-4 Hybrid. This little fuel-efficient bewdy will be taking us in an exciting new direction. Electra’s petrol/electric powertrain offers our team a blend of fuel efficiency and outstanding performance. And she’s just been given the green light as a “fully complaint” security patrol vehicle at a major Queensland export terminal.

This represents yet another industry-leading sustainability strategies from Corporate Protection. Others include:

  • Commissioning energy consultants to review our head office power usage.
    As a result we replaced all our existing lighting with low energy LED panels and bulbs. This huge project took five days to complete with our staff working around a team of technicians and their equipment.
  • Investing in and implementing energy monitoring software.
    We can now track and manage real-time energy usage in our head office via a dashboard. This ensures that energy consumption is monitored and at the forefront of our minds at all times.
  • Actively measuring our carbon emissions.
    and the findings are updated on a monthly basis and made available to all HO staff
  • Selecting vehicles for energy efficiency.
  • Real-time monitoring of our fleet vehicle drivers.
    This ensures safe and energy efficient behaviours
  • Publishing our annual Sustainability Plan.
    Watch this space for the 2020 report.

As we have discovered time and again, good environmental practices are good for business – running costs for the new fleet addition are significantly lower than more traditional gas guzzlers!

A win for Corporate Protection Australia and a win for the environment.