Our toughest-ever site mobilisation is all systems go!

Corporate Protection is accustomed to deploying our services at the most remote of locations. We provide doctors, nurses and paramedics:

  • in the western PNG rainforests and Highlands,
  • offshore in the Indian Ocean and Timor Sea.
  • to an exploration site on the edge of the Simpson Desert.

All have their unique challenges.

On March 1 2022, we mobilised to what may be our most logistically difficult site so far. Don’t bother looking for it on Google Maps – it’s not there. The best way to describe it is 40 minutes boat ride from Weipa, on the western side of Cape York, facing the Gulf of Carpentaria. And the weather forecast is usually extremely hot, unbearably humid, with scattered crocodiles and a chance of cyclones.

Needless to say, there are no ambulance, fire or other emergency services within coo-ee.

For this mission, we are providing a combination of paramedic, nursing and emergency services officers to support the site’s (and town’s) operations.


Significant site capability is required to mitigate risks and ensure an adequate and immediate response to medical and emergency incidents – without access to any nearby government emergency services.

Quality of staff is always a major requirement for all our operations. Never more so, however, for this site and client. Vetting, training and familiarising to such unique site and client requirements are just the start of it.

Another major challenge is the provision of emergency services vehicles, including medical, fire & rescue, and transport assets. Each vehicle or asset must undergo rigorous compliance checks before being transported by barge from the east coast, all the way up and around the tip of the Cape.

This included three brand new vehicles – a fire appliance, a rapid attack fire vehicle and an ambulance – totalling over $250,000 to spec, purchase, fit-out, test, comply, transport and deploy.

The entire project was successfully completed on an extremely compressed timeline – just 34 days from the moment the “go” button was pressed. Our teams put in some very big days to ensure they would be fully operational on March 1.

Rising to such arduous occasions is one of Corporate Protection’s great strengths. We have built our reputation on taking the initiative; handpicking and preparing the team; mobilizing our assets; and establishing and maintaining operations in such harsh and off-the-map locations.


Mobilisation Day: On time, on spec and operationally ready

As a tribute to our team, our National Operations Manager – Fire & Rescue, Kevin Waterman (himself a veteran of many visits to this site), issued the following:

“Just wanted to do a big shout out to Matthew, Tyler and Johnny for the great work they’ve done getting boots on the ground today.

“Matthew and Tyler did an outstanding job getting their vehicles, medication, and personnel operational for Contract Day One… and for flying up to be there to oversee it all first-hand.

“A big shout out to Johnny for his assistance in helping us to fill all the fire & rescue shifts.

“Big raps to Darrin as well. Although you have enough on your plate right now, you still dropped everything to ensure we could cover the shifts.

“I think this will be the start of a long and productive relationship with the client.

“Thanks again, team, for making this happen within such a short time frame.”

A fantastic success story. Congratulations to the entire Corporate Protection team who just made the impossible possible.