At Corporate Protection, communication and teamwork have always been part of our culture. We are a family owned company and the core values of Team and Family are a passion for us.

With 90% of our workforce located outside corporate Head Office, and with a variety of services across 5 business units, we work very hard to

maximise the information flows, through a system of cascading messages, staff surveys, senior management site visits, annual staff forums, newsletters and many other strategies.

We believe that the bridge between HO and sites is critical to the effectiveness of our service delivery. It is what sets us apart from our competitors.

One increasingly popular event is our quarterly Staff forum (formerly town Hall Meeting).

Using the now-familiar videoconferencing platforms, we are able to convene a meeting with staff members all around the CP footprint.

The Head office team gets to introduce themselves so we are not just a name on an email or voice on the phone.

A segment that always receives rave reviews is a site presentation where we meet someone (or a team) working in a remote location and find out about them, the site and the service we deliver.

At the last meeting, we met Win Marsh who introduced the entire Gladstone region, our office and the various sites she oversees.


Staff favourite Dr Scott Wilkinson gives the perspective as our Medical Director, we hear about the latest evac or get an update on the latest with COVID.

We are a family, families talk.