Michael Williams (here on the right) has put together a very thoughtful and inspiring presentation to one of our client’s on site veterans.

Our paramedics on site do such an array of things for our staff, mental health being one that takes up a large amount of their time.

The onsite Paramedic, Michael Williams who himself is ex-Defence, made presentations of Quilts of Valour which is a service that makes quilts in the hope it brings warmth, comfort, peace and healing to the recipient. Whilst being an honour to receive, it also shows the appreciation to our veterans who have served and no doubt carry the scars of war from the service they have given our country but most importantly are still remembered by all.  Some words on behalf of Quilts of Valour Australia:

“On behalf of Quilts of Valour Australia, we award this quilt to you to acknowledge your Valour, Service and Sacrifice for our country. The quilt has been made with love for you from other Australians to wrap you in warmth and care”

If you would like more information on the service provided by Quilts of Valour or would like to make a donation visit www.quiltsofvalour.com.au

Well done Michael! What an amazing initiative, we would love to have the opportunity to do a staff spotlight and learn more about you!