Island nations ruled by Kings and Queens for a timeless age, are now once again shifting on the tide.

The world we know is changing, climate, religion, politics, friends and transport routes.  

Locally for me, Brisbane is on the verge of completing a parallel runway, increasing capacity up to 110 aircraft movements an hour, transforming Brisbane into a centralised hub for aviation in Australia. Giving travellers and freight unprecedented access to the globe.

For the rest of the iSafe team located across ASEAN, transport hubs are starting to look a lot different. Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are currently in a race to develop the most efficient and advanced transport hub, capable of handing over 60 million Tonnes which is the regions projected 2020 output.


  • Moving Jakarta to Kalimantan at the cost of $33 billion by 2024
  • According to HVS, the development of new 24 seaports across Indonesia
  • 15 new airports across the country
  • Construction of 3,258 kilometres (2,024 miles) of rail infrastructure (Coal and Transport links)


  • Mega port Tuas Terminal to open progressively from 2021
  • Maritime Hub with storage facilities and Commercial amenities
  • Automated yard cranes, drones, data analytics and driverless trucks 
  • Automated Next Generation Vessel Traffic Management System 
  • Construction and Completion of Terminal 5, Changi Airport


  • Harmonisation of public-private partnerships with Japan and the Netherlands for the development of Vietnamese mega projects.
  • Trans-pacific Partnerships and free trade agreements with North America and the EU
  • The opening of a deep seaport at Lach Huyen, increasing capacity (deep water ports) and the development of smaller ports along rivers and estuaries, combined with engineering efforts to combat congestion and rising waters.
  • Digitisation within transport facilities which will enable the opening of a direct shipping lane from Lach Huyen to North America and skipping of transhipments in the Strait of Malacca
  • Plans to open a direct shipping lane from Lach Huyen to North America


  • A military coup in May, Thailand is in the process of reorganising some operations.
  • Grand opening of Terminal D in early 2019
  • Automation of crane services and further digitisation.
  • Aligning with Thailand’s Port Technical Paper on the future proofing of container operations

With the rise of automation, redistribution of international resources (political and financial), the transformation of industries + the opening of future shipping lanes and construction of mega Transport infrastructure the whole balance of security and politics within the Asian pacific is set to change dramatically.  

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