As Australia’s largest private emergency services provider, Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue is often asked by major corporations to assist in their emergency preparedness and response. Our teams assess, advise and execute in order to enable our clients to conduct and continue their business safely. Our staff become their feet on the ground in order to mitigate risks and to spring into action when risks elevate.

Of course, this requires providing not just highly trained staff but state of the art vehicles and equipment. Our teams have been extensively drilled in emergency procedures to be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

One of CPA Fire & Rescue’s major NSW clients is one of Australia’s largest electricity distributors. Their maintenance and repair work requires the safest possible working conditions. It is frequently conducted in very confined spaces and/or late into the night, where preventing disruptions to traffic and the power supply are at a premium.

To meet these demands, CPA Fire & Rescue dispatches fully equipped teams to each site – often in the middle of Sydney’s CBD and often in the wee hours of the morning. They secure and patrol each site to ensure they are on the spot for any and every crisis scenario.

So, if you see flashing safety lights in your area, keep your eye out – it may well be one of our trucks and our amazing and dedicated team!