CPA Group’s Malaysian operation under Managing Director Magnus Allanson has commenced its latest operation at the huge TRX project in the heart of Kuala Lumpur for our client Lend Lease.

As with all new CPA Group Health & Medical implementations, the service has been established under CPA Group Medical Director Dr Scott Wilkinson’s clinical governance oversight. As part of our medical quality control, CPA Group WA Operations Coordinator, Samantha Pearce, herself a highly qualified and experienced Registered Nurse, travelled to KL to set the service on the track to success.

The service will be delivered in collaboration with our Malaysian Medical Partner, PEMSS.

Samantha was impressed! “It was immediately evident that we have chosen to team up with the best in the business. I was able to inspect their equipment, ambulances and documentation and even speak to their paramedics individually and as a team. They are professional, well presented and well trained”.


A brief site visit followed by a meeting with the Lendlease EHS Director clarified the expectations of the client and highlighted some important issues such as equipment requirements and communication gaps which may have otherwise been overlooked.

The following day was spent creating the MERP for CPM, sharing documents to assist with reporting and documenting presentations and discussing operating procedures, we were all extremely productive and left feeling drained yet motivated.

Samantha summed up the visit: “The PEMSS team were very grateful for the direction and motivation the visit provided and I hope to be able to continue to work closely with them as the project continues to grow. They aspire to be leaders in the field of site services as well as on road and they certainly represent CPM to the level we would expect of our own employees, I think Magnus has done an excellent job forming this relationship and look forward to visiting again soon to continue the work we started.”


Samantha’s thoughts were reciprocated by Magnus who appreciated the support CPA Group H&M provides to all of its operations, and Samantha’s work in particular: “The PEMSS team and I were suitably impressed and grateful for Samantha’s contribution – this was evidenced by the gifts bestowed upon her at the final dinner. She definitely left an impression… Thanks again for the volume of work that you achieved here.”

The project has been set up to succeed and will be supported 24/7 to assure the medical quality of our service delivery.