Corporate Protection Australia Group has a justified reputation as implementation specialists and over the past 2 years we have successfully transitioned 15 major new sites. We have sophisticated systems and processes to ensure we leave nothing to chance and can proudly boast that we have not missed a shift throughout this challenging and exciting period.

In late August, we have continued the tradition with the mobilisation for a mining leader with CPA Group staffing deployed to a total of 4 sites. Once again, the transition involved the challenge of both incumbent and new personnel.

As pioneers of the ‘bundled’ service model, CPA Group was able to achieve a combination of security, medical and fire & rescue competencies across the sites, resulting in a highly capable and cost effective service.

The Transition was implemented with the guidance of Peter Shepherd and Kevin Hamilton, two of our most experienced Operators.

Peter announced:

Today at 1300 across 4 Coal mine sites Corporate Protection Australia Group deployed staff, equipment, logistics and medications in a monumental team effort.

The coordinated efforts of all persons within the group has been valiant.

Everyone within the company should be very proud of your achievements in deploying this contract.

Many of the people within the team are new to CPA Group; and to be as agile as you have and be supported by existing staff so well is commendable.

The new staff on the ground have assisted greatly in this process. Mic Williams and Garry Topping (CPA Group paramedics) provided accurate and professional support to new staff and re-assured clients of our selection as the winning supplier of services.

The contract will be in great hands with Kevin and his team.”