At Corporate Protection, we have built a hard-earned reputation for our safety record built on a culture of safety first, instilled by our Executive Chairman, Harley Sparke over the past 25 years.

Whether it be client recognition, industry leading WHS statistics or recognition in our workers compensation premium, here at Corporate Protection we are passionate about our own and our clients’ safety.

We proudly report our ISO 45001:2018 Safety management system accreditation, maintained for many years and subject to annual external review.

With a workforce of over 550 employees, distributed at over 60 sites in multiple Australian states and internationally, we understand that each client and operation may have specific systems, procedures and ways of doing things.

We also know that reading and understanding detailed Safety Management System documentation and procedures may not be realistic for all our staff.

But there are Golden Rules that can be applied everywhere and which underpin all safety systems.

The Golden Rules have the advantage of being common sense and simple guidelines for everyday activity. They are easy to understand and remember.

At Corporate Protection, our Golden Safety Rules are the creation of our General Manager – Operations, Chris Maguire.

I am committed to the safety of our staff and clients. My experience in emergency services and high risk industry has taught me that safety rules need to be simple, easily understood and applied by everyone in the company.

The Golden Safety Rules poster will be displayed in every location where we operate.

I implore you to learn the rules and use them each time you go to work or undertake specific tasks so that you remain safe and well.

Check out our rules above – we are sure they could equally apply at your workplace.

Corporate Protection, setting the Safety standard.