A powerful icon in the asset protection, health and safety and emergency services industries is the corporate logo of Corporate Protection Australia.

CPA Group Indigenous Ambassador, Lorraine Hatton, has reminded us of the type, purpose and meaning of the shield which has provided some thought provoking discussion amongst our team.

There are six main types of Aboriginal weapons. These are spears, spear throwers, clubs, boomerangs, sorcery and shields. Many weapons were used for hunting as well as warfare.
Aboriginal shields come in many different forms depending on the tribe that made them and their function, however the purpose of a shield is to protect.
The shield provided:

  • Personal defence, against blows and thrown objects.
  • Projected an image of “Power”, towards an enemy.
  • Close association with honour.

Aboriginal shields come in 2 main types:

  • Broad shields, and
  • Parrying shields.

Parrying shields parry blows from a club whereas broad shields block spears and thrown objects.
Shields for parrying are thick strong and narrow whereas broad shields are wide but thin.
The shield shape exemplifies safety, security protection, and shelter from injury or trauma.
Our CPA Group shield logo whilst identified with Protection and Power also represents Trust, to always provide our customers with the very best products and services.