Today marks another significant day for CPA Group and how we are as an organisation remain committed to championing, promoting, and facilitating  respect, trust, and positive relationships.

We are now a Corporate Supporter of the  RACISM IT STOPS WITH ME, CAMPAIGN

This is a campaign in partnership with Reconciliation Australia and the Australian Human Rights Commission.

The campaign aims to help stamp out racism by sending the message that racism will not be tolerated. It offers solidarity with those who are targeted, provides useful advocacy tools, advice on what to do if we witness racism, and offers ways to amplify our messages through our networks.

Without doubt our Group Policies are robust in this area, as is our Inclusive Working Environment –  however by supporting and joining this campaign, we are also endorsing it, and assisting in bringing awareness of the issue, not only to all of our staff – also to all that we cross paths with. Be it our suppliers, clients, and partners.