The market for commodities and resources such as coal and oil and gas is highly cyclical with prices responding to various impacts on supply and demand generated by, among other things, global economic activity and investment.

We have seen this in Australia over the past 10 years as we have experienced periods of increased investment, construction and production with boom levels of activity in response to high commodity prices, followed by a period where prices were low and resource companies were required to look at costs and efficiencies.

CPA Group, as a major supplier to this market, has experienced this and has wherever possible worked with our clients to maximise efficiencies. The ‘bundled’ service model, where new skill combinations such as a Rescue Medic have been introduced to the market in response to this market dynamic.

A further example of this was the influence of price evaluation criterion on decisions made at tender award.

CPA Group has always positioned itself as a supplier of a premium quality service at a modest premium price. Our model is to invest heavily in our staff through training provided under our in-house Registered Training Organisation and technical and professional support provided to site staff by professionals such as our full-time Medical Director, Fire & Rescue Director and Security experts.

Clients know that with CPA Group, the service will include the highest levels of technical, quality and service elements, for which we are renown, and which is routinely borne out in client satisfaction surveys.

However, when the price imperative is driving decisions, understandably so, we have seen two examples (one in energy, one in the maritime sector) where clients have made the decision to leave CPA Group, despite acknowledged satisfaction with service levels.

Over the past 2 years, we have seen a realignment of the market and an understanding cheap is often costly at an operating level. As such we have seen a focus back on quality and safety, and CPA Group have been delighted to welcome both clients back.

Our model and philosophy are clear – we do not compromise on safety and quality, our blue ribbon clientele chooses CPA Group for that reason and expects nothing less.