If you want to keep improving, sometimes you need to pause and take a long, hard look at yourself.

As a company of over 550 hard-working staff, we do this every year through our internal “Staff Satisfaction Survey”. We send it out to everyone. And anyone can confidently – and confidentially – let us know exactly how we’re doing.

One of our questions is, “Tell us what you think of Corporate Protection in just 3 words.”

We then tally the results, which we can then turn into a word cloud – where the most frequent words and terms are the biggest. Here’s what they told us:

We were both pleased and humbled to receive their feedback. If you look closely,  you will also see some pretty frank and honest answers that we need to address. So,  we were very grateful for that honesty. Overall, some insightful and positive feedback, but definitely still some work to do.

Evaluating the delivery performance of Corporate Protection is critical to our philosophy of continuous improvement.

We measure ourselves like this – and in many other ways – to gain insights into the quality of what we do. This also includes quality audits, client satisfaction surveys, client meetings.

We want to hear the God’s honest truth, no matter how well we think we might be doing.

Our anonymous annual Staff Satisfaction surveys include both quantitative and qualitative metrics. They inform management of what our staff really think of the group. It covers employee motivation, passion and loyalty… as well as disgruntlement. And we don’t just look at this year’s answers, we track our performance over time.

We are currently analysing the rest of this year’s data which we hope to share with our team over the next few weeks.

When it comes to honest feedback – we’re all ears.