Our Remote Incident and Fire Mitigation (RIFM) teams have been used extensively in the Northern South Australia region for remote seismic and drilling operations. With a significant risk profile in terms of the operating environment and hazards of the seismic activities, our RIFM teams assist with fire mitigation services, fire planning, utilisation of assets to assist with fire mitigation and incident management, including the command and control of an incident.

Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue also conducts field and desktop audits of remote environment operations including identifying current fire fighting capabilities against the site risks and hazards, suitability of existing training and knowledge of staff as well as how staff can conduct internal audits to ensure they are mitigating risks efficiently with the equipment and knowledge they have on site.

We understand that at times, remote operations require highly technical specialists to manage large projects with large groups of contractors in harsh and inoperable environments. Our Incident Managers enable these technical specialists to manage the technical operations of the project whilst the Incident Manager is responsible for providing advice and guidance for incident response matters. This includes assisting management in the onsite prevention, preparation, response and recovery from an adverse incident. Selected from their extensive emergency services and/or military backgrounds, our Incident Managers provide ‘peace of mind’ for remote operators. Our RIFM teams include:

  • Remote fire teams – Reduce fire risks in operations and at remote camps
  • Remote incident managers – Support client managers in the field
  • Remote fire safety audits – Camps, facilities, fire safety, evacuations


More Information About Our Remote Incident & Fire Mitigation Services

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