Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal deployment

Claudia and I first crossed path’s at the GLD office 1st of July 2016.
Claudia was in town visiting family and dropped into the office with a parcel.

After much humorous discussion I realised she wasn’t the courier with a parcel and was a fellow CPA Group team member here with gifts from HQ..

Sometimes in life, circumstances eventuate that lead to new beginnings.

At the same time I had  been in discussion with the local airport who were looking for a relief aviation security screener.

In passing conversation with Claudia, post our courier joke, I prompted in conversation that you wouldn’t happen to have your ASIC card for airport works.

Claudia ever alert and keen to help out said yes and displayed a wallet/suite case of qualifications and licences.
Within 48hrs Claudia was uniformed/inducted and screening in Gladstone while on Holidays!

I will never forget the commitment and energy she displayed to make the job happen.
The journey had began.

Over the course of the next 3 years, Claudia was instrumental in setting up new jobs across QLD.

A mild example of a two week journey may have included;

Work at Kogan creek drive to Moranbah for a day back to Gladstone airport back to Brisbane wharfs on a plane to DBCT as a MSG, drive a new car to Biloela CS energy jog back to the Gladstone airport then back to Brisbane so she could kiss the old boy(Her legend husband) on the cheek and then depart for the next journey.

Claudia won Employee of the year in 2016. The opening words marked in the 2016 nomination say it all : Claudia’s ability to be diverse, flexible and loyal . 

Claudia recently has battled severe illness, she is fighting strong and the team caught up this may to reflect on some of the old stories.

I will miss the “What the hell have you got me in for know Mr Sheppy” phone calls and the laughs and stories form the journeys of the Super guard.

Sincerely from all the team at CPA Group, thank you for all your efforts and commitment and friendship over the last few years.

 Peter Shepherd