As a bit of a change this week, we are profiling a Head Office team member, and even more unusual, a Baseline Training team member.

Emma was recommended by her colleagues and for a start, here was the email recommending Emma for this spotlight, received from Darrin Savage, our ERT Trainer.

 I would like to know if we could do a Staff Spotlight on Emma McCall.

 Emma, working in Baseline has been doing an awesome job, she is more than helpful where she can be, taking care of all enquiries, and helping out everywhere she can, all while completing a uni degree.

 She has even donated her body to being a casualty on occasions (pics of completing confined space rescue with Saunders International)

 Anyhow, I just thought it would be great to highlight someone from Baseline and specifically from the office.

What is your work background?

This is my first proper job, previously I was working as a casual in retail, CPA took a chance on me.

I started right at the start of COVID during full-on lockdown. I was one of the few people in my team working in the office. I only met 2 people on my first day! I wondered whether this huge office was maybe subdivided as there were so few people.

What other CPA roles or departments have you worked in?

I started working as one of the support officers in health & medical during the crazy COVID times of no flights – it was crazy! Sometimes there were just no flights.

I worked there for about 8 months, once the team stabilised, a new position opened in Baseline so I was able to transfer to Baseline. It is a very different environment, in Operations there were always lots of calls and a bit chaotic!

What are your primary responsibilities?

My title is RTO Support Officer, I have a lot of administration tasks, coordinating training, enrolment forms, certificates, emails, calls. I am basically often the first contact for someone wanting to do some training. Currently I work 3.5 days per week.

I am working on a couple of projects – one for Health & Medical where we are entering qualifications and training into aXcelerate – the project is called ‘Authority to Practice’.

I have a sign on our office door printed by Pri, my colleague – it says – “Admins are…. Part Super. Part crazy. 100% the glue of the office” which is pretty true. We are the contact between trainees, trainers and clients.

What do you find most challenging or fulfilling in your role?

The most satisfying part is when I get paperwork on the same day, the processing is complete, the trainee has their certificate, everything is complete and the client is happy.

I would say the most challenging would be scheduling clients around each other – everyone wants Fridays for some reason!

I love hearing when a client is happy!

And what do you do in your spare time?

Currently, a lot of my spare time is taken up with uni work. I am studying sports and exercise science. Once this is complete, it can lead onto becoming a physio – my goal is to complete my Masters and become a physiotherapist.

Apart from study I try to go out and have fun, catch up with friends. COVID really affected my travel plans. I have a good balance between work, study and fun.

When the weekend hits and my work is complete – I’m out!


What would your manager say?

My manager is Laura, she is a great manager, awesome.

I would hope she is satisfied with the work I produce, Laura makes me feel very welcome and I think she is happy with the work that the Baseline team produces. I feel like I have usually done a good job!

Manager comment

Emma’s brings dedication, commitment a confident approach into the Baseline Team – she demonstrates strong intuition and sharp project management skills and is a great communicator.  Emma juggles full time study and a full time job role – we could all learn a lot from her work ethic !