After multiple recommendations to be part of the our staff spotlight we managed to grab some of Rob’s time to learn a little more about him and his role at Corporate Protection Australia! 

What is your professional background? I’m a painter & decorator by trade.
I did a couple of years working on an orchard farm driving spray rigs and different types of farm equipment. I also spent over 20 years working in paint and hardware sales. I have worked in the management team in a couple of trade paint stores in Bundaberg and Gladstone. I was a paint sales rep for Dulux in Central and Western Queensland covering an area from Bundy to Yeppoon, out to Winton and up to Moranbah.

Where are you working now?
I am the Regional Coordinator based in Gladstone.

What are your primary responsibilities?
I liaise with site staff and clients at all the sites. I provide support to supervisors and staff in the Gladstone region rostering for several of the Adhoc sites and fill shifts as required.

What other Corporate Protection sites have you worked?
Started at Callide Power Station as a guard in 2016. Spent some time at WICET as an MSG and went back to Callide as the 2IC and then became the Site Supervisor. I then took up the role as Gladstone Adhoc Coordinator and then to my current position.

What do you find most challenging or fulfilling in your role?
The most challenging part of my job is the constant juggling of staff across the different sites, sometimes it can be a little stressful when a client throws you a curve ball just when you think you have everything sorted. I like the people I work with, most of them are only too happy to help when they are needed and for that I thank them. Good people make my job a lot easier. What I find fulfilling is between 0500 – 0600 & 1700 – 1800 every day and the phone doesn’t ring, that means all shifts are covered and everyone has turned up for work.

And what do you do in your spare time?
I like spending time with my family especially my two young grandsons. I like to go camping especially out in the western areas where there is no one around. I like to go fossicking out at the gem fields but I’m happy to go anywhere and pick up any interesting rocks. I like to polish and tumble what I have found.

I have a couple of bows and don’t mind flinging a couple of arrows around when I have the chance.


What would your manager say?
I’m not sure hopefully something good, I try not to annoy them too much.

Manager comment:
Rob is an integral member of CPA and has excelled in his capacity as the Security Coordinator Gladstone Region.  Even when those security-related curve balls that at times have been bowled at Rob, Rob has faced them head-on with a straight bat, often smashing those curve balls for 6.  And I’m confident that Rob has an excellent rapport with his grandsons and family. You’re more than welcome to open our batting any time Rob.  Keep up the great work.