We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a building a preventative approach to mental health and how to proactively build mental wellness in yourself, and the people around you.

Our accredited Resilience First Aid champion, Tony Holt, has introduced this training initiative to our CP head office staff.

Now, a more comprehensive course has been developed and included into our Professional Development Academy suite of Programs, in collaboration with Tony and launched through Baseline Training.

Titled Resilience First Aid, this program consists of 6 on-line modules. These will be made available to CP staff through our CP Academy Professional Development Program.

We intend to build a culture of resilience amongst our workforce, making our team more aware of psychosocial hazards and building a preventative approach to mental health.

We believe this will not only make our team more effective, but will enhance the wellness of the workforce, both while at work and in their personal life through practical and effective skills.

At CP we aim to promote a culture of resilience through strong relationships, sharing knowledge, and having impactful conversations that matter.

An important and much needed initiative in an increasingly challenging world.