As a pioneer of the ‘bundled’ service offering to our resource clients, Corporate Protection can offer significant value over and above other service providers with our combination of specialist divisions including security, health & medical, fire and rescue, safety and security advisory and our Registered Training Organisation, Baseline Training.

A Corporate Protection integrated solution provides a customised model, tailored around site risk profiles while offering a number of productivity advantages:

Increased Efficiency/Productivity

  • 1 company invoice
  • 1 company account representatives
  • 1 invoice to process
  • Reduced headcount
  • Enhanced capability
  • 1 contract to manage
  • 1 contract meeting

Reduced Costs

  • 1 management fee
  • 1 contractor manager
  • Numerous economies of scale
  • Bundled services discount structure
  • Decreased direct contractor oversight requirement

Increased Value

  • Various resource sharing
  • Numerous value-adds due to a bundled supply contract
  • Increased service integration and collaboration
  • Standardised approach – clinical governance, operations, etc

More Information About Our Integrated Solutions

To discuss your bundled services requirements with Corporate Protection, please contact us.