Health and Medical Services

The CPAG Health and Medical has dedicated staff providing medical and rescue services to the mining, oil and gas and other critical infrastructure industries.

Our medical staff have extensive experience in the provision of remote, rural and hostile environment, emergency and primary care medical services, injury management, corporate health programs, return to work and health promotion and wellness campaigns.

Our medical services include the provision of fully equipped ambulances, medical equipment, supply of first aid and clinic facilities, provision of medical fit out to supplied first aid facilities and the ongoing replenishment of consumables.

We specialise in a ‘bundled’ service offering and provide highly trained Rescue Paramedics, improving site productivity and return on investment.

Our medical staff understand our clients’ OSHA strategies and guidelines and ensure our clients’ interests are considered in any work-related injuries or illnesses. We will hold or administer your Poisons Permit and provide the reassurance of a comprehensive clinical governance system to ensure compliance and service quality.

We are well versed in reducing LTIs and other OSHA lag measures.

Our Medical Director ensures that we partner with you to deliver on your HSE strategies. We provide 24/7 topside medical support, so our site staff and our clients have access to the best medical advice and clinical guidance.

More Information About Our Medical Services

To discuss your medical requirements with CPAG Health and Medical, please contact us or use the links below: