Corporate Protection is one of the largest private emergency response companies in the southern hemisphere.

Through our experiences, we have become shutdown specialists and understand the specific challenges and requirements inherent in facility maintenance and repair projects.

Corporate Protection has successfully delivered shutdown services including consultancy, personnel, equipment and vehicles to major projects on time, and on budget. Our workforce’s experience, site familiarisation and ability to reduce any potential down time will be crucial to the success & costs associated with your shutdown.

Our Shutdown Services

The following is a non-exhaustive list of shutdown services that we can tailor to meet your project’s needs:

  • Supply of specialist staff (security, medical, safety and emergency response)
  • Conduct general WHS inductions (via our RTO)
  • Conduct pre-employment medicals
  • Perform drug and alcohol testing/training & certification (via our RTO)
  • Conduct site security risk assessments
  • Review & write rescue plans
  • In the event of an emergency, lead and control the emergency response until appropriate control agency arrives.

Corporate Protection is well-placed to provide a highly efficient, cost-effective solution with cross-trained professionals covering appropriate combinations of security, medical or emergency services skill sets. Many of our paramedics/nurses are trained in emergency rescue, many of our emergency services officers are trained as medics and many are also qualified security guards. Our Asset Protection Officers can provide first aid response and can form part of the site emergency response team. This provides peace of mind to our clients that they are receiving an effective, highly productive and cost-effective shutdown service, which ensures the shutdown can be completed on time and within budget.

This model is supported by our internal Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Baseline Training, and our highly trained workforce reflects this heritage.

More Information About Our Shutdown Services

For further information about our shutdown services, please contact us.