Corporate Protection Australia provides premium asset protection services to clients in the energy, mining, maritime, aviation, construction industries and other critical infrastructure.

Corporate Protection Australia Asset Protection Services are renowned for the quality of our staff through best practice recruitment, training and management. We understand the value that our clients place in their human and physical assets.

Our Security Services

Corporate Protection Australia – Asset Protection Services – has the capacity to deliver a range of security services tailored to the risk profile of the operation and site.

Providing quality security services is what we do – we are not a ‘body shop’  and ensure the quality of our staff are industry-leading through rigorous recruitment processes, training, ongoing professional development via our internal training organisation (RTO), and remuneration.

Our staff are trained in all functional aspects of the services we provide but almost as importantly, they are trained and expected to provide exemplary customer service through training modules targeting industry leading service levels in all interactions.

Our clients are high profile, and 100% contract conformance and superior customer service are paramount.

Corporate Protection Australia is committed to protect all stakeholders, assets & our client’s brand; whilst providing value for money.

To deliver on this commitment, we support our workforce with leading edge technology capabilities including:

  • Body-mounted cameras;
  • GPS-enabled Android/iPhone application in combination with a cloud portal to monitor guard activity and allow submission of on-the-spot incident reports;
  • GPS tracking and dash cam technology for patrols, and
  • Drone technology – to cover vast amount of distances & for surveillance.

Corporate Protection Australia Asset Protection Services includes the provision of elite workforces and security technology:

  • Asset Protection Officers
  • Maritime Security Guards
  • Aviation Security Officers
  • Passenger and Checked Baggage Security Screening
  • Security systems
  • Emergency Response Coordinators

More Information About Our Security Services

For further information about why we are your first choice security service provider in, or to find out more about our security services, please contact us or use the links below: