Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue is an industry leader providing a range of emergency response services to the oil and gas, energy, mining, construction and other critical infrastructure industries.

Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue is a specialised division and we stand by our reputation for being one of the foremost emergency response companies in Australasia. We have experience managing the largest private emergency response contract in Australasia, with over 120 permanent firefighters and a substantial fleet of modern fully equipped vehicles and equipment which can be mobilised on short notice.

Our Fire & Rescue Services

Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue has the capacity to deliver a large range of services for delivery or implementation. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Emergency Response Services
  • Emergency Services Officers
  • Rescue Medics
  • Remote Incident and Fire Mitigation
  • Standby Rescue and Shutdown Teams
  • Emergency Response Coordinators
  • Emergency Response Training Courses
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • WHSEQ Managers

Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue delivers a range of emergency services to clients throughout Australia including:

  • Curtis Island
  • Gulf of Carpentaria
  • Bowen Basin
  • Surrat Basin
  • Darling Downs


Corporate Protection Australia Fire & Rescue quality system has been externally audited under the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authority Council (AFAC) Emergency Management Professionalization Scheme (EMPS)

Corporate Protection has received its Emergency Response certificate of Audit Endorsement (Tier 3) including an endorsement for LNG.


More Information About Our Fire and Rescue Services

For further information about why we are one of the best emergency response companies in Australasia, or to find out more about our fire & rescue services, please contact us or use the links below: