Every company knows that the employment market is tight, attracting and keeping employees requires innovative companies to address employee needs over and above pay rates. We have addressed some of these needs with our CP Academy Professional Development Program (professional staff crave ongoing education) and leadership training for identified high potential, high achiever employees (Lead with Confidence program)

We are aware that a recent research report found that 53% of Australian employees are experiencing a negative impact on their work due to stress stemming from the rising cost of living.

Corporate Protection recently announced an employee rewards scheme including access to discounted private health insurance and discounted every day purchases including petrol, supermarket shopping and a wide range of necessity and luxury purchases (called ‘Reward Gateway’.

Now that the initial launch period is over, we can report on the success of the Reward Gateway initiative.

Of the 547 employees offered the program, in 2 months the number of our staff who have registered for the program is 228 or 42%!

With Christmas around the corner, we expect this number to rise significantly.

A rewards to our staff for their amazing work and loyalty, we understand that loyalty is a 2 way street.