CPA Group’s advisory division, iSafe SMS, is Australia’s leading provider of Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) Training, boasting over a thousand alumni who have been trained and deployed at our ports and port facilities to protect our maritime security in accordance with Maritime Transport & Offshore Facilities Security Legislation.

The maritime security risk environment is changing constantly as we know and not surprisingly the legislative framework is changing to respond. PFSOs need to stay abreast of developments.

As with any qualification, we recommend graduates return every 3-4 years. To respond to this need CPA Group has developed a PFSO refresher course, with the content regularly modified to reflect current legislation but also to address changes in the maritime security risk environment.

CPA Group Executive Chairman, Harley Sparke, a maritime security industry leader has overseen the development and delivery of the training.

We now have a large PFSO training alumni group and we ensure we stay in contact with them and encourage them to return regularly to refresh their currency.

The PFSO refresher course is a half day update and the exciting part is seeing qualified PFSOs from various ports and port facilities able to swap stories and experience. Sometimes the professional sharing is as important as the course content itself.

Note: For further information about PFSO training and the PFSO training course, please visit the iSafe website.