At Corporate Protection Fire and Rescue, our emergency services officers are industry leaders in the mining and gas sectors, boasting unparalleled qualifications and dedication to safeguarding our clients’ assets.

Our state-of-the-art fire appliances are integral to our rapid response in emergencies, ensuring the safety of our clients’ personnel, businesses, and properties. Our expert crews are equipped with an extensive array of tools, allowing them to excel in emergency situations. Let’s take a closer look at one of our fire trucks and crews stationed in the Surat Basin.

Our custom-designed Isuzu fire truck is purpose-built for responding to a diverse range of emergencies, including fires, medical incidents, road accidents, confined space and vertical rescues, and hazardous materials situations.

Equipped with a 3000-liter water tank, our fire truck can operate independently of urban water sources. Additionally, it carries 200 litres of firefighting foam and an impressive array of tools and equipment.

Some of the essential tools on board include road accident rescue gear, confined space and rescue equipment, hazardous materials handling resources, basic medical trauma and oxygen kits, and firefighting equipment such as breathing apparatuses, fire hoses, and branches.

To ensure the safety of our crews, they are outfitted with firefighting turnout gear, comprising helmets, gloves, flash hoods, and firefighting pants and jackets. In addition, our team members wear lightweight bushfire pants and jackets during bushfires and road accident rescue operations.

At Corporate Protection Fire and Rescue, our commitment to providing exceptional fire and rescue services to the industrial sector is unwavering. With our advanced equipment and highly trained crews, you can trust us to protect your people, business, and assets.