One of the most difficult challenges for any company providing health & medical staffing services is continuous professional development for our highly qualified team of health professionals.

The reality of our workplaces is that highly trained staff are deployed to prepare for an emergency that may never happen, or only rarely, yet the team must remain clinically refreshed and prepared at all times.

CPA Group addresses this through a closely monitored and managed professional development program that is customised for each individual professional, with initiatives such as hospital and other clinical deployments, external accredited and non-accredited training and clinical scenario exercises.

One industry best-practice initiative driven by CPA Group Medical Director, Dr Scott Wilkinson,  provides Professional Development (PD) for all CPA Group medical staff.

In conjunction with Baseline Training,  part of the CPA Group, Dr Scott and his team have developed an Online Medical Skills Series to help assist with the maintenance of skill sets relevant to the CPA Group Health & Medical workplace.

Through Baseline’s online portal , staff are able to keep their PD learning alive.  

The 2019 Medical Skills series has recently been launched, made up of video content with questions at the end of each video session (staff must obtain 100%).  On completion of each session, a ‘certificate of completion’ is provided.

Some of our team utilise this training as part of their CPD points requirement, so it is of great benefit to both our team and our clients.

Yet another reason for the outstanding reputation of CPA Group and its elite team of medical professionals.