Corporate Protection Australia has over 26 years’ experience in delivering Project Security Services, across Australia. We are trusted by high-profile clients to protect their most critical assets. More importantly, we understand that as Security providers we are often the first contact any persons attending site will have. Upholding our client’s core values, golden rules and presentation are amongst the most important tasks we have.

Prevention is a key factor in best practice mine protection

At Corporate Protection Australia, we believe that compliance can be met before an individual enters a mine site. The use of Asset Protection Officers, electronic surveillance and robust security systems has proven to greatly reduce the instances of asset removal. It is often recognised that even though the asset being removed may not be extraordinarily expensive, it may be a critical piece of equipment that can take valuable time to replace, resulting in production delays and downtime.

Moreover, to mitigate against production delays and downtime, our asset protection officers will at a minimum:

  • Manage site access control
  • Maintaining vehicle & people log
  • Enforce site speed limits
  • Support the mine safety regime
  • Conduct visitor inductions
  • Undertake regular hazard identification
  • Conduct random Drug & Alcohol testing
  • Respond to alarms
  • Issuing keys or access cards
  • Conduct CCTV surveillance
  • Perform roving mobile patrols
  • Act as first responder to medical incidents &
  • Assume the role of incident command during an emergency.

More Information About Mine Protection

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