I am writing to you to acknowledge the exceptional work CPA performed during a major outage that occurred in the CBD recently. In particular, I would like to highlight the great work performed by a CPA employee (ESO) during the incident. We understand that through EOS’s intervention (client) was able to facilitate a transition of site ownership from the incident controller. The CPAFR ESO was able to negotiate and assisted us through the complexities of site handover from Fire NSW. It was evident without CPAFR’s intervention, we would have experienced delays in site handover and therefore restoration works. We would like to thank the CPA teams that assisted during the night and particular thanks to your ESO for his dedication, commitment and exceptional performance. It is great to see a great sense of teamwork and collaboration developing between our employees and the CPA team. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to the CPA team 22/12/2023

NSW Energy distributor

I am delighted to share some positive feedback we recently received regarding the outstanding efforts of our team during Monday's major outage. I also want to highlight the commendable role played by (CPAFR ESO), whose intervention significantly contributed to the success of the operation. Upon our arrival at the site, multiple agencies were present, such as Police, Ambulance, Sydney Transport etc, and incident control was under the supervision of (Fire Department). The Incident Controller was hesitant to over control to (our client), deeming it necessary to maintain their involvement due to the perceived fire emergency nature of the situation. (CPAFR ESO), with his extensive experience as a (Fire Department) Station Officer, played a pivotal role in mediating the situation. Through his effective communication and reassurance, we were able to facilitate the smooth transition of incident control back to our client for maintenance operations. The client team expressed profound appreciation for (CPAFR ESO 's) intervention, acknowledging that they would not have been able to complete the maintenance without his invaluable assistance. I have been informed that this feedback will also be expressed to (client) senior management! 20/12/23

CPAFR Team Leader

Yesterday we had two suspected heart related emergencies and an annual statutory mock emergency, it was a hectic day whilst we continued to mine and deal with ‘normal’ activities…. Wanted to take a moment to thank all those involved in the care, respect and treatment of (patient), who suffered a very serious cardiac event mid afternoon. From those that responded, looked after his dog (found out today a support dog), sourced information to gain some idea on how we contact next of kin or contacts, or supported in the actual treatment, you are all appreciated and demonstrated our values yesterday. Big call out to (CPAHM Paramedic), our friendly and trusted paramedic. He might attract trouble (bit of running banter between us), however his professionalism, genuine care and respect of his patients and subsequent treatment likely saved (patient’s) life yesterday and allowed him to be extracted off site by the QAS team. We will get an update on his condition today and share. Thank you all, your actions and assistance likely saved a man’s life. Please share our gratitude with your teams 16/11/2023

QLD Mining Company

I am writing to personally express our appreciation and admiration for exceptional work on developing and delivering training to the Medical Team in Dili. Your outstanding efforts and dedication have been noticed, and it is essential to recognise and celebrate your accomplishments. Your consistent commitment to excellence and your ability to exceed expectations have made a significant impact. Your contributions have not only elevated the quality of work but have also inspired your colleagues to strive for greatness. Your unwavering professionalism and positive attitude, and willingness to go above and beyond have made you an invaluable asset to our team. 27th October 2023

Manager Oil and gas

Just wanted to pass on some positive feedback I experienced / have heard from our field crews on the new CPA crews. Was on a job last night in Hunter St and the crews they were everything we’d hope them to be. In speaking with the jointers that also commented on the recent changes in crews they’ve seen and very happy with the way in which the contractors support the works – not just sitting in their vans. I’ve encouraged them to put more feedback in the feedback app – but certainly seemed some positive changes taking place, particularly with CPA. 06/09/2023 I also had similar comments from our safety advisor regarding a job at Burwood he visited on the weekend. Please pass on my thanks to your teams. Very pleasing feedback. 06/09/2023

NSW Energy

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to you both and your team members. Your professionalism with every aspect, every day, particularly the last week, is exceptional. I know I could depend on you on any topic. Your team members are also extremely dependable and professional and that is through your leadership. Please accept my sincere gratitude and relay this same message to your team members. Without each of you, working as a team, we cannot achieve the good results. 30/08/2023

Security / ESO Team

Robert would like to pass on thanks to the teams involved in his treatment yesterday. He was very impressed with the level of care and professionalism from the paramedics on site and wanted to express his gratitude. He appreciated the way his work group responded and while he feels embarrassed by the situation (he doesn’t need to be) he couldn’t have asked for better care. If this can be passed on to all involved that would be appreciated. 10th August 2023

SHET Advisor

I’d like to pass on some positive feedback from my work group with regards to the level of service you provide in your role as (site) paramedic. During the discussion around the celebrate success tile, as part of Wednesday mornings shift start for the wall raise and mud-farming project, your name was put forward by one of our operators as a person who displays a very high level of care and professionalism in your role when assessing the health and well-being of our personnel whilst on site. This sentiment was echoed by a large number of the group. On behalf of my teams – thankyou for your efforts and keep up the good work! 14/07/2023

FNQ Mining

I just wanted to reach out and say a big thanks to CPAG both corporate and site employees for supporting us with supplying the trained resources that have been provided to help support with responding to the recent unwanted tragedy that was experienced last week. I also wanted to communicate how well (CP Medic) had done. The feedback from offshore on (CP Medic) was exceptional showing she was the right person to support with this challenging tragedy where consistent comments were around her empathy and listening skills being shown whilst remaining easily approachable with a calming nature. 05/06/23

Offshore Paramedics
Health and Safety Lead

It has been our pleasure to have your amazing trainers provide our team with outstanding training. All participants voiced how much they not only learnt but also how it was the best training they have had since joining the ERT and they appreciated how much knowledge and interest the trainers gave. So, thank you to all your team, it is the best feedback we’ve ever gotten and been great working with you all 19/05/23

Emergency Services Officer

I would also like to extend my thanks to the security team at the front gate. They were friendly, energetic and made us feel very welcome. I understand the time that goes into organising an event like this, so again, I would like to thank everyone involved (including those behind the scenes that made this happen). 15/05/23

Port Facility Security Officer

I just wanted to provide some feedback from myself for the CPA team in regards to the CPS TA. I would just like to acknowledge the CPA team during the TA and their levels of professionalism, care and dedication to the task. The ownership and time taken when opening a Confined Space was exemplary, going into detail of the Risk Assessment, explaining the rescue method, the location of the equipment and as stated the ownership as the Sentry as a whole. This was appreciated across the board with all the crews on site, and the CPA team really became an integral part of the TA CPS team. From a Safety perspective, this certainly made me comfortable that the Confined space entries were controlled in a safe manner. And as stated the greater CPA team and FRT have been fantastic with their support also. 05/04/23

HSSE Advisor

I just wanted to pass on appreciation for the efforts of CPAFR central Fire & Rescue Team this past week. They have worked tirelessly in testing conditions. The business, local community and state and rural fire services appreciate their hard work. 17/02/23

Security and Emergency Response Lead

Internal report from a CPA Regional Manager Positive call re: security services. Background: They (client) were conducting reviews of all services across the board at their sites and had over 100 positive comments in surveys on security personnel and services. Stephen, please congratulate your team. 10/01/23

Happy Client

Now that our project is all wrapped up for the year, I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to you both, the support team and the onsite team for a very smooth and well managed year. It has been a real pleasure having CPAG on board and the support for the project has been excellent. 22/12/22

Wet season
Safety, Health & Environment Specialist

It has been a pleasure working with you over the past four years. It's good to have the professional team from CPAGHM onboard in a remote PNG location, especially when facing medical challenges. 28/11/22

Remote challenges
Project Manager

Baseline has recently completed Adv FA/Adv Resus with a work group of 6. I’d like to pass on the feedback he gave from all who attended “excellent feedback received regarding trainer and content”. They were very impressed and will have no hesitation in using Baseline for any other Training required. Well done to you Laura and your Team. 04/11/22

Advanced First Aid Training
Safety, Health & Environment Specialist

Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days, very engaging, well delivered and informative. Many thanks 04/11/22

PFSO Training
Manager Port Services

You guys did a fantastic job. You definitely stepped up when needed to help protect the community and the feedback from the landowners of the properties you helped protect from the fire was brilliant. Thanks for all your efforts, it's always a pleasure getting to work with such a professional organisation like Corporate Protection. 05/10/22

Emergency Management Coal Seam Gas Operations

During my time here … I have found dealing with CPA on the emergency response side of things to be pretty seamless. They provide good quality labour and set high expectations of the people they send to us. They have gone over and above to help us out with late notice coverage. 31/08/22

Emergency Services Specialist

This afternoon, (client) and I had a debrief regarding yesterday’s medevac activation. To quote the OIM and Offshore Supervisor we actually performed “exceptionally well and don’t change a thing”. Offshore made specific reference to our updates being sent via email. They knew exactly what was happening and where the helo was and its ETA, but more importantly, they said it showed we knew where it was and what was happening at all times from activation to destination (and in this case, return for 2 Ips to Dili on compassionate grounds). When I requested feedback for future activations I was advised to do exactly the same as they could not fault CPAGHM. 9th August 2022

CPAGHM Field Contract Coordinator

You may be aware that we had a serious incident at (site) last night and it would be extremely remiss of me not to inform you of how good a job the CPA Team did when confronted with this matter. 01 August 2022

Security Manager

Once again, thank you very much for your assistance last night. We are aware of the significance of (patient’s) condition last night and the precise, calculated steps that you took in order to keep him kicking. The care and support that you showed speaks very highly of your commitment to your job and your work mates out here. You’re a credit to this site and to CPA. P.s I’ve cc’d Scott into this email to ensure that your colleagues at CPA know how appreciated you are out here. 9th June 2022

HSE Advisor

I am very pleased to pass on to you and CPA the following positive feedback from a surgeon regarding the pre-hospital care of an injured Coal Mine Worker. The surgeon provided feedback that the immediate actions and medical care provided at the time by the onsite Paramedic ultimately saved the finger of the injured worker. The surgeon also commented that because of this the injured worker is expected to make a full recovery with no loss of function to the finger I am very proud of our ERT and medical team here and the professionalism that they consistently demonstrate when responding to emergencies. Feedback like the one above not only highlights the strength of our rescue capabilities but also calls out the high standard of medical care here. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all the responders to this emergency for a job well done! 9th June 2022

Surgeon Feedback
Health & Safety Superintendent

Hi Team, In response to Emergency Drills - I was very pleased to have received some great feedback from my manager and SRE. Great work, keep up the good work 27th May 2022

Emergency Drills
Client Port Facility Security Officer

I just wanted to pass on our appreciation to the two guys on site. They were very patient and accommodating with a few hurdles along the way. They are both good blokes. 24th March 2022

CSG Project
Client site Manager

Firstly, thank you to CPA in providing standby and rescue resources for (our) works. The feedback has been really positive regarding your teams, and it is great to see the level of professionalism and collaboration demonstrated by your teams. 15th March 2022

NSW Energy
Asset Services Manager

The mobilisation over Xmas with very short notice was impressive, and will be remembered. And yes the service overall achieved the desired result. 7th March 2022

Christmas mobilisation
Town Services Superintendent

I would like to pass on my appreciation for a great job ensuring this implementation went without major incident. I have been receiving great feedback on how Security managed the implementation. There have been short notice changes you have had to react to and there will be adjustments going forward to processes Great work, and support thank you! 3rd March 2022

Security implementation
Port Facility Security Officer

Thank you to those that took the time to nominate one of your colleagues for their outstanding contributions. I’m very pleased to announce the nominations in each category are: Special Lifesaver Award • Michael Williams (CPA H&M Medic) Congratulations and well done to all the Nominees. 12 October 2021

Client Award
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Ken Please accept this hamper as a token of our appreciation for your support during our plant shutdown. Thank you for accommodating the changes that this no doubt has had on your normal family routines. 24 August 2021

Staff Superstar
President Australia

Thank you very much Owen. This is very good to know, and I would be interested to reach out a little more around the scenario training / onboarding / desktop scenario. I find this extremely professional, and I congratulate your team on these initiatives so through the duration of the AVSOS/SASH reviews I would like talk more. 19 August 2021

BHP Mitsubishi Alliance
IAM Operations

That is fantastic feedback. Please pass my personal congratulations to Trent and his team. Clearly they are doing an outstanding job. You should mention it in your monthly report - in fact I would include the email in the report and perhaps in the board papers. 07 July 2021

Board Chairman

Brad, Some really good feedback from Borderforce. To you, Darren and the rest of the CPA team – well done. Another vote of confidence that we have the right processes and vendor in place. 24 June 2021

HSE Manager

I wish pass on positive feedback form the Inspectors visit yesterday and how he was welcomed and treated by (CPA APO) at the security hut. The Inspector made special mention of (his) professional approach and of his courtesy shown to the Inspector. I have personally spoken with (him) this morning and passed on the Inspector’s feedback on a job well done. Very pleasing to hear and very rare for an Inspector to make special mention of security during a close out meeting. To the CPAG leadership team many thanks for your ongoing support and for always seeking continual improvement opportunities Well done to the CPAG Team! 13 May 2021

Inspector visit
Manager Health and Safety

It’s been great working with a specialised team and glad we could embed some valuable tools for both parties. It’s definitely improved our communications, transparency from both sides and strengthened the partnership, which is a team effort outcome. Thank you, to you and team for all your support and collaboration, you never know when our paths may cross again. 25th February 2021

Specialised Team
Senior Commercial Manager

Just want to give you some feedback on (CPA Medic). We had a Non work Related event on Thursday that resulted in the IP being escorted off the Island with QAS. The operations team really appreciate CPA Medic’s expertise and support supplied. This is not the first time he has had to provide this support to the operations team. Just wanted to let you know. Myself and the Ops manager have also past on our appreciation to (him) and had a good discussion. 19th February 2021

Medical support
Operations Supervisor

Please accept our gratitude and a "huge" Thank you on how effective (CPA MSG) was with the on-boarding of security controls, here at site. She really made it workable and safe for everyone during the 3 day lockdown. 10th January 2021

Production Manager

Your team are going exceptionally well, good comms with all around them and being acutely aware of what is happening within the CSE’s I have asked (CPA Group team leader) to catch up with me before your crew leave site to have a round the table discussion about what we can do better to assist your team and also what your team can do better during our next TA 14th September 2020

Project manager

Thank you for arranging security for our school last night. We would like to thank (CPA Group security personnel) for their professionalism and approachability to support our staff. Our main activity was to escort our staff to their cars safely after their activities. We have 3 carparks. Then at the end of the event assisted our Principal secure the school. Nothing was ‘too much to ask’. Our staff felt safe and comfortable. Please pass on out thanks to (CPA Group security personnel) for their fantastic service. 3rd September 2020

Security Escort
Security client contact

The core Security business is being done really well such as access control, safety, security and professionalism. We have had high reliance on Security with shutdowns to support this added activity, additional Ad Hoc requirements, afterhours warehouse and access control. I thank (you) for a great job leading the team in difficult circumstances as COVID19 has added another layer of complexity with effectively doubling the team by adding screeners. This has taken a lot of time and effort over and above your pre-COVID19 roles with the amount of people management, exposure, PPE, training/inducting and now rostering screeners. Thank you, great work 2nd September 2020

Security Services
Port Facility Security Officer

Edited report from CPA Group Manager: (Client) has asked me to pass on some sensational feedback to our senior management regarding our 2 Medics. (Client) received feedback from both site managers, colleagues and the (client) senior management, stating that these two employees have gone above and beyond in their role to ensure the facilities continue to remain operational and staff are fully supported. Additional wellness activities have been arranged by each of our employees during extended rotations offshore to support the mental health of (Client) staff and contractors at each facility. The feedback they have received is not usually recognised at such a high level, I am very proud of all of our staff but particularly these two guys. 28th July 2020

Senior Management

Just wanted to provide some feedback on your site Manager. • Good reports all around thus far from both your own staff and from (our) interaction feedback. • A high degree of professionalism demonstrated thus far. • Coping well with (client contact’s) relatively early leave absence. • Driving professionalism and improvement. • I personally have had a good experience in dealing with (CPA Group site Manager). 24th July 2020

Site Manager
Manager Supply

I wish to thank Corporate Protection Australia for the great assistance in the construction of the (Brisbane Airport) New Parallel Runway. 16 July 2020

Senior Procurement Officer

As we briefly discussed the other day the response to the recent medical emergency by the CPA Group medic was excellent, and it justifies in my mind the level of equipment and staff we have out there. This guy was critically unwell, with an unknown diagnosis and in a remote setting. From what I understand the Medic contributed to saving his life through careful medical assessment and treatment, following CPA Group principles of Primary Survey with good airway management to keep him breathing safely until help arrived. It's good to hear the patient (at least last I heard) was recovering in hospital. A great save on site, that helps to remind us all why we are there! 25th June 2020 Note: Client later contacted us and advised that they have a monthly safety award which has never been awarded outside before. They gave the award to our Medic for her efforts with the medical case and will be announced publicly across the client company this week.

Medical Director

We had a patient present last week with chest pains, …. paramedic was brilliant and did everything right. Air and road ambulance arrived together and the debrief determination today was that without our medic’s first response it would have been a fatality. 12th June 2020

Heart attack
Commercial Manager

I would like to thank you and your team during this COVID-19 management journey which has assisted (us) in prevention and reducing the risk of transmission to our people and keeping our facilities safe 9th June 2020

COVID-19 management
HSE Coordinator

It would be extremely remiss of me not to show great appreciation for your efforts, efficiency and support with returns, rosters and flight bookings. Your safety returns consistently submitted to the mine on the first of each month saves me stress and keeps us all off the radar. The below email shows how many companies regularly fail to meet the deadline each month. Also, your ability to utilise the flight booking system again saved stress for us. In short, thanks again for everything. 4th June 2020

Security & Activist Manager

A couple of months ago, (I was) asked to (advise) know when Security reached 1,100 days of Nil LTI and at the end of FY it will be 1,126 nil LTI. I am pleased to inform you, we will reach this 1,100 days milestone on Thursday this week of Nil injuries from the beginning of the contract 01/06/2017, three years today. In addition of this, from the first day of the Shuttle busses working on site as of the 06/01/2018, there have been nil injuries. Port Facility Security Officer This is a fantastic effort. 2nd June 2020

Nil LTIs
Manager: Supply

I have had good feedback on a few occasions at a few different forums this week (e.g. at the quarterly H&S Meeting today) re the security team and what a great job they have been doing with the temperature checking and interacting with team members as they enter site. People are impressed with how quick and streamlined the process is being done these days. Also positive comments in relation to how friendly and the positive/engaging attitude the security team members are having when people are coming in the gate (when you think about it for most people this is the first interaction in the work day so it is wonderful that it is a positive & friendly experience – helps encourage everyone to take a positive, can do, collaborative attitude into the work day ahead). So great job by the team and I wanted to share this feedback. Please pass on this great feedback to the team. 28th May 2020

Security Team – Screening
Executive Manager Business Improvement

It’s great to see the security (Heat Sensor) employees taking pride in their work even to the extent of remembering names. Also constantly monitoring the screen (Heat) for readings instead of having to wait and get their attention for the reading. Keep up the great work on the B & D rotation. Comment on client Continuous Improvement feedback form 1st June 2020

Continuous Improvement feedback

Faced with the need to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, Racing Queensland turned to Corporate Protection Australia Group who were able to assist in conducting onsite temperature screenings across Queensland. The customer service and support provided was excellent with prompt responses to queries, ensuring a positive customer experience. CPA Group was extremely responsive and attentive to our needs. 25th May 2020

Simon Stout
General Manager Racing – Thoroughbred

With the rapidly changing environment that we were faced with as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CPA provided great assistance in responding to our needs. They reacted quickly in sourcing equipment and developing procedures around personnel screening and then implemented these in a professional manner. This helped ease the burden of site staff and contributed to maintaining a safe work environment for all accessing the site. 11th May 2020

Trent Attard
HSE Manager

Client feedback received regarding CPA Group COVID-19 information and daily newsletter: Thank you, this type of update is appreciated and shows the difference with our service partners. 30th April 2020

COVID-19 Updates
National Security Manager

With the COVID19 risks of infection to our workforce, DBCT/PL engaged CPA to assist in Temperature screening all employees, contractors and others accessing site. We were able to stand up the temperature screening at three locations onsite at short notice. To achieve this, several additional personnel were sourced and trained as screeners to monitor access points 24/7. Consumables and testing equipment was also provided to implement this efficiently. I am pleased with some minor tweaks and advice, the screening has been performed efficiently without incident and minimal interruption to stakeholders. May 2020

Ian Payne
Port Facility Security Officer

Thank you to everyone that was involved in this training. As I was involved personally and experienced the training session, I considered it to be of a high standard, thorough, fair and considerate of all candidates. Can you please pass on our sentiments to your trainers. We will recommend you to our peers and continue to utilise your services. 8th April 2020

Senior Rigging & Construction Manager

Touching base in regards to (CPA Group medic). I have had numerous calls/txts this week in regards to information site processes etc. I can't give (him) enough praise!!! He has been pro active, assisted the client, had a few PT presentations....and knocked them all out of the park. As a TL to finally have a positive, pro active approach is actually awesome!!! 7th April 2020

Client Representative

Our client was very thankful for our service and extremely complimentary on (our Paramedic) who was deployed. She was thrown into a remote community and dealing with some pretty rough heads. She handled it in her stride, nothing was an issue, she was helpful flexible and innovative as small issues arose. She impressed them so much the fleet manager offered her a job to no avail. 28th March 2020

Client Representative

Thanks again for all your support, not just last week on the Solars (and the work you’ll do this swing on U3105), but all the time. I think your good work flies under the radar onsite sometimes Thanks for all your effort and your professionalism (I know you are glad I didn’t try and embarrass you in a prestart meeting with this) Upon presentation of a Certificate of excellence and Award presented by our client to a CPA Group Medic 13th February 2020

Certificate of Excellence
HSE Supervisor

It is with great pride that I write to advise you of the positive feedback I received from the CEO after the recent site visit. The support that you have displayed in implementing, rolling out and improving the medical clinic systems, controls and driving the development of your subordinates and peers from various departments to improve and achieve a better understanding of the clinic’s role, and related procedures is a credit to your leadership of the medical team. I see you and the medical team as a key component to achieving the successes we have aimed for at the beginning of this financial year and encourage you and the team to discuss further with myself any inhibitors that you feel are in place so we can ultimately ensure our success and that of the mine. Looking forward to developing the success story with your further inputs. 20th December 2019

Medical Clinic
Health, Safety, Security and Risk Manager

I received a call early this morning from our client who wanted me to pass on her thanks and the thanks of her company for a job well done at yesterday’s dozer fire. By all accounts, everyone is very pleased by the professional manner you all acted. Mining company – Bowen Basin 26th November 2019

Dozer fire

We emphasised the importance of the fine CPAG staff we have at our sites and of course our happiness with the CPAG Medical Division Management team too! 10th October 2019

Premium service delivery
Global Chief Medical Officer and Regional Medical Director

I just thought I would pass on feedback from this week’s contract meeting. We have achieved 100% for the eighth month in a row on all KPIs measured. Well done Positive notes mentioned at meeting • The recent overhaul has seen many positive comments from the client representatives about our presence in the field and willingness to help out and review risk assessments in the field. • FPE quality is good and accurate on the areas of the actual incident location, happy with the improvement here. There has been a decrease in the last 3 months on ERT incidents attended which is always a positive sign for the site.

100% KPIs
National Manager

To recognise the team - their medical emergency management was second to none - recognising the severity immediately, working together to quickly ascertain the cardiac rhythm from the 12 lead ECG and administering protocol treatment for acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) on route. This demonstrates the importance of the medical service on site – in this instance it saved a life and provided the IP with the best possible outcome.

Heart Attack
Health & Safety Manager

I would like to thank you for your expert care of Chairman and his family during their visit. Your coordination of the airport logistics, crew and vehicles was extremely smooth and at all times professional. Thank you for ensuring their safety and comfort at all times – it’s greatly appreciated. 26th June 2019

Safety Expert
Chief Operating Officer

The votes are in! Great response from our staff and your trainer (Brett) Let’s work on keeping this moving forward. Thank you again for your fantastic service. 27th June 2019

Awesome job with our training
Training Specialist

Overall the results have been extremely positive. Having conducted this survey three years in a row I can say that the (CPA Group) overall results have improved significantly and consistently over this time. There were no areas of concern identified in this year’s survey results. 11th July 2019

Market Researcher
Market Researcher

The Medics, …., turned up with their ambulance to begin the rescue process. It was extremely painful just getting on the stretcher. They took me to the Medical Centre and did what they could to make me as comfortable as possible and transported me to ….., calling ahead to inform the hospital of what they were about to receive. No doubt the process was very stressful for you guys. You are my heroes! I can’t thank you enough. Very professional and the safest pair of hands! 8th May 2019

Incident Response

Team, Can’t say enough how proud I am to have you in my team! I know we approach every case that we have in a professional manner and this is clear from the email of appreciation below. Thanks again and keep up the exemplary work! 9th May 2019

Medical Team
Advisor Occupational Health

I’d just like to send an email to you regarding the outstanding attitude of your medic here at the Oil & Gas shutdown. He has helped me with the upmost professionalism and understood a lot of my concerns then helped me deal with them accordingly. I hold him in high regard and hope to see him on future projects as part of our medical support team. 7th May 2019

Outstanding Medic
Resource Estimator

I recently had the pleasure of working … with Peter Wildman from CPA Group. Not only did I work with Pete on professional terms, but after suffering a mild allergic reaction, I was also able to experience his expertise first hand. Pete was extremely thorough and professional through-out his assessment and treatment, which made me feel I was being very well looked after and cared for. His personality and humour also helped me to relax in a new, rather stressful situation. After providing me with anti-histamines, he continued to monitor me until my symptoms had completely subsided – which also helped to distract me from what had just occurred, again calming some of the anxiety I had. It was an absolute pleasure working with Pete and I can only hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again. 15th May 2019

Western Australia Team
Health & Safety Adviser

I am pleased to advise you all, the external Home Affairs Audit did not identify any non-compliances during the inspection. I would like to extend my appreciation to the team for your efforts to achieve this result. The job ahead is to maintain this and with the team we have, I am confident we will achieve this result next audit. In addition to this, the achievement of no Lost Time Injuries is a great benchmark heading towards 670 days. You are the face of the business, usually the first and last interaction a visitor experiences. 28th March 2019

Port Facility Security Officer

Thanks for organising (Maritime Security staffing) at such short notice to assist with our recent facility security requirement. They were very professional and alerted me to elements of the activity that I hadn't considered which helped us ensure the two days passed without incident; all the while instilling confidence that the team was in good hands if any action escalated. Please pass our thanks to (the team). 29th March 2019

Maritime Security Staffing

Thanks for organising (Asset Protection Officers) at such short notice to assist with our recent facility security requirement. They were very professional and alerted me to elements of the activity that I hadn't considered which helped us ensure the two days passed without incident; all the while instilling confidence that the team was in good hands if any action escalated. 12th March, 2019

Asset Protection Officers
Equipment Maintenance Manager

Well done for sending (Medic) towards (our) Mine and her service delivery here onsite has been noticed . From my side a young Para Medic with a passion and love for the work she has been task to do. Ps Medic to remain here as she on her short time here has done a lot of change to promote her role here and the crew members love the way she communicates to our workforce. 12th November 2018

HSE Manager , Bowen Basin

Just wanted to thank you again for the great work from you and your team yesterday. It was a pleasure working with you. The fact the event was held with no incidents was down to your thoughtful and considered planning and execution. 20th February 2019

National Manager, Brisbane

I have had some very positive feedback from one of your colleagues onsite today that I wanted to share. “I have worked very closely with (CPA Group Medic) this week and would just like to feedback nothing but positives. His follow up and communication have been first rate. It gives great peace of mind to know that we have a professional on site that is both thorough and professional.” I would reiterate this message as well and thank you for your close communication and injury management onsite. You are a very welcome addition to our team. 12th October 2018

Oil & Gas
Occupational Health Advisor

I would personally like to thank you for your efforts and great work in the management of the moc training block-out to site. Without your support and expertise with tams/suresite things would have not run as smooth as they did. Still a few shifts to go ( tonight ) but things should become easier going forward. Thanks again and you all will be receiving a values award at the managers meeting today. 2nd October 2018

Hay Point
HSE Manager

Appreciate you being so reasonable and professional to work with on this audit. 1 September 2018

HAZCHEM Audit, Defence Facility
WHS Manager

The Shutdown went well, the coverage was really good. (The Medic) was very helpful doing the emergent work night, the guys had to do more face fit testing than anticipated due to a new contract not capturing the requirement but handled it really well. The hydration testing was excellent effort from the medics. I just thought I’d give you a general overview and extend my appreciation to all. 7th June 2018

LNG facility

Huge praise for CPA Group ESO and paramedic for their efforts in reviving the guy, apparently a ball of sweat after CPR for 40 minutes. They then did another bull dozer roll over rescue the next morning. 16th May 2018


The boys did great this last week with the emergencies on site. 16th May 2018

Bowen Basin Mine
Category Specialist – Critical Mining,

The staff awareness course went very well. Positive feedback received on the delivery and content. All up a valuable learning experience. 5th April 2017

North Qld Port
Security Superintendent

If I need security, CPA will be the first to know. I'll certainly be recommending you whenever asked! 16th May 2017

Accommodation Manager

To achieve this type of feedback is indicative of a very high standard of training delivery. Thank you very much for such a successful delivery of Confined Space Entry & Breathing Apparatus training. 22nd June 2017

Confined Space Entry & Breathing Apparatus training

Whilst a medical emergency is never good news a positive and prompt response is the next best thing. Well Done CPA Group medics you did a fantastic job this morning. 11th October 2017

HSE Manager, Bowen Basin Coal mine, Open Cut
HSE Manager

The Port is currently undergoing a major project development for the Port Precinct. CPA currently train our personnel in Port Facility Security Officer management and also our guards in Maritime Security Guard operations. We have found their training to be industry relevant and have received positive course feedback.

North Qld Port

The Port's security team are responsible for security operations across the precinct of the Port. As part of this responsibility we control access to the Future Port Expansion Project [FPEP] which is an ongoing construction project to expand the land capacity of the Port operations on Fisherman Island. CPA has an ongoing relationship with the Port with the supply of security personnel and training services to both ourselves and many port facilities within our precinct. We have found CPA to be professional in their training and service supply.

Port Security
Security Manager

In my 6 years on the emergency services I thought that was the best training I have had to date. All the information was very relevant and tailored towards our work environment. Danny was a very good

C. Thomas