Corporate Protection Australia Group offers an industry leading maritime capability services to ports, port facilities and port service providers across Australia. Our suite of products and services incorporate the provision of Maritime Security Guards, maritime consulting, PFSO training, operation and supply of water patrol craft, and qualified coxswains to various industry participants throughout Queensland and Australia.

Corporate Protection Australia Group maintains and on call, purpose built vessels for use by Australian Maritime Industry Participants to support, enhance, and comply with their security and safety regimes.

For example, a 5.95 meter Swift Marine Sea Ranger Rigid Inflatable, the same as that used extensively by the Queensland Water Police, Queensland Boating and fisheries, as well as various other state and federal government authorities. Our rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) have been used during test events and as supplementary patrol and safety vessels for various Ports. Corporate Protection Australia Group vessels are available to provide additional capability should the need arise.


More Information About Maritime Capability

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