We are proud to announce – right at the tail end of 2021 – that Corporate Protection head office in Pinkenba was awarded a “5 Star Energy Whole Building Rating” from the Queensland Government on behalf of the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) initiative.

NABERS auditors come on site, roll up their sleeves and commence to query, dig, probe, investigate, measure, test and check the entire building from basement to rooftop. They leave no stone unturned.

Except, maybe, for that strange looking paperweight on the Executive Chairman’s desk. He says it’s a moon rock. We suspect his 4-year-old son made it at kindy from a lump of broken kerbing.

The NABERS inspectors focus on:

  • Energy usage – including the energy ratings of each appliance
  • Water usage – from kitchens to bathrooms and outdoor hoses/sprinklers
  • Waste – not just total output, but how much of it is intelligently recycled
  • Indoor environment – not just insulation, ventilation, air quality, and air heating/ cooling efficiency, but how much heat/cool is lost through windows and other openings

Based on a total of six possible stars, 5 stars equates to “excellent”.

This is an impressive result when we consider the size and scale of an office with vast open spaces – and that it includes our training areas, which have unique and often intensive energy consumption needs.

Six stars bestows “market leading” status.

With so many runs on the board already and with current improvements underway, we are well on track to achieve this in 2022.
It takes a dream and it takes a team – so let’s shoot for the stars!