An industrial dispute can cripple or even destroy your business. Even if resolved, a poorly handled dispute can create lingering problems between management and staff, and adverse publicity from such a dispute can create a public relations nightmare for your organisation.

Plan Ahead to Reduce Your Risks

Regardless of the size or structure of your organisation, if you employ staff, you need a comprehensive, practical and flexible industrial dispute management policy and contingency strategy.

Above and beyond the human resources and public relations issues, your strategy should include security, crisis management, quality management and business continuity. Ideally, your plan should encompass a realistic set of options, contingencies and solutions for all possible situations.

How We Can Help with Industrial Dispute Management

Corporate Protection’s involvement with Industrial Dispute Management began in 1997 with the leadup to, and the successful conclusion of the Patrick / Maritime Union of Australia waterfront dispute.

Since that time key team members of Corporate Protection have worked with Australia’s leading IR legal teams in managing the security operations of many other major industrial disputes in Australia including BHP Billiton QLD coal dispute, BHP Billiton’s Port Kembla and Port Headland Steel operations, Boodari Iron Ore, Amcor Ltd, Rio Tinto’s Hunter Valley operations and Port Headland Salt mines, P&H Mine Pro Hunter Valley Operations, CMG Meat Works Rockhampton, Xstrata Coal Bowen Basin, James Hardie, Anglo Coal, Glencore Mining and Svitzer to name a few.

Industrial Relations Dispute Services

Corporate Protection can assist your organisation in the event of an industrial dispute. Our industrial relations dispute services include:

  • Liaise with and support your legal team;
  • Preventative assessment and planning;
  • Identifying and evaluating your organisation’s critical operations and key assets;
  • On site audit of existing security procedures;
  • Identifying potential threats and the resulting risks, including potential weaknesses caused by human factors in your infrastructure, policies and procedures;
  • Prioritising security measures;
  • Contingency planning – we will audit your existing industrial dispute management plan and work side by side with your legal team and relevant staff to develop robust crisis  management and business continuity procedures;
  • Vulnerability and security audit – we will conduct vulnerability and security audits on operations, management, staff and external operational partners including suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors;
  • Security awareness and detection training – we prepare a practical checklist to ensure your staff are alert to all potential risks;
  • PR and media management – we provide expert consultation in managing publicity and dealing with the  media;
  • Products – researching and  recommending ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ products to augment crisis management planning;
  • Immediate response delivery – we offer a highly experienced Immediate Response Team to work with your management and external agencies.
  • Security support -we offer trained operational security personnel, who can be placed on-site or at your control office to monitor and/or conduct security operations;
  • Post incident management – we follow up with an extensive post-incident debriefing. This includes a review of incident management planning and procedures. We also provide post-incident recovery services.

Our experienced consultants can help you identify risks across your entire organisation. This can greatly reduce your exposure to such risks.

More Information About Industrial Relations Dispute Management

Please contact us for further information on our industrial dispute management solutions.