What are Issue Motivated Groups?

Issue Motivated Groups (IMG’s) are coalitions of people drawn together by a common interest e.g. a protest, petition, or similar. The cause is most often a political reaction to a government or official body, an industrial venture, or a private enterprise.

IMG’s may consist of environmental activists, ‘hacktivists’, or union representatives—groups which, while inherently political, aren’t officially connected to or represented by a political party.

IMGs are defined as “groups of persons with a common interest who collaborate to conduct activities that might lead to violence or to activities that are prejudicial to security”.

What is our experience of Issue Motivated Groups?

Corporate Protection has a long history of managing Issue Motivated Groups. There has recently been an increase in the traditional activities of stand-over tactics of various unions, and a resurgence of pop-up environmental groups.

We work with our clients to minimise the risk posed by protesters and establish processes to assess and manage the associated risks of individuals restricting or gaining entry to heavy industrial sites.

How do we manage Issue Motivated Groups for our clients?

Corporate Protection offers customised solutions to workplace disruption as well as Issue Motivated Groups attempting to disrupt operations and business continuity.

If you suspect your working environment could attract the  interest of IMG’s, we encourage you to address the five-point plan listed below for your facilities.

  • Risk Analysis — accurate and thorough assessment and identification of potential security risks.
  • Risk Management — administrative, technical and physical security to reduce risk and vulnerability.
  • Sanctioned Policies — document policy of security response, documentation of protester actions and repercussions to illegal activity.
  • System Auditing — test systems developed to ensure operational readiness and refine to improve.

Corporate Protection is available to our clients for advice to assist with this planning strategy.

More Information About Issue Motivated Group (IMG) Management

Please contact us for further information on our Issue Motivated Group (IMG) management solutions.