In the blink of an eye, Corporate Protection has achieved a 5 year milestone for the publication of our Sustainability report. We can easily see that Corporate Protection was way ahead of our time for a company of our size, in measuring our carbon footprint, implementing strategies to minimise emissions, and posting the results for all to see.

As Corporate Protection Executive Chairman, Harley Sparke announced at the launch of the report:

‘We have seen an ever-increasing expectation from our existing and prospective clients to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. We are confident that this is seen as a strength by clients and is a clear advantage over our competitors. Our experience continues to confirm that sustainability is good for business!’

We now clearly identify three areas of focus:

  • Deploying and proposing carbon footprint-reducing options for our clients
  • Assisting our clients to enhance their brands by achieving their public targets and emission minimisation objectives.
  • Ensuring our own footprint is minimised with innovative strategies.

In each of these areas we have made progress this year. We have expanded our fleet of hybrid vehicles deployed at client sites, we have been featured in a client’s annual report where our hybrid vehicle was highlighted, and we have implemented an important new IT initiative in Head Office.

The report this year includes a section on developments in DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and a more comprehensive ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) focus.

These have included an outstanding result on our ISO accreditation audit (Safety. Environmental and Quality management), an extension on our Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan and the announcement of the appointment of two outstanding female executives to our Senior Leadership Team.

In terms of results, we also announce the impact of our solar energy investment at our Head Office, the results exceeded our most optimistic expectations.

Harley again:

‘The Corporate Protection Annual Sustainability Report is a critical contribution to ensuring that our environmental performance is accessible to our clients, shareholders, staff, and other stakeholders.’