Chris Maguire

General Manager - Operations

Chris is an emergency and crisis management professional who develops risk-based solutions encompassing crisis, security and emergency management, security and workplace health and safety. Chris has delivered bespoke solutions to clients across the globe in various industries such as oil and gas, government, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment and education. He is an experienced senior manager in both the private and public sectors as well as a decorated field commander for his actions at a number of natural and manmade disasters.

He has developed emergency and crisis management policies and procedures for heavy industry, coal seam gas and on/offshore LNG operations. Chris has developed risk-based solutions incorporating fire engineering and emergency response capabilities to assist in safeguarding personnel, the environment and assets.

He has written or been a major contributor to numerous emergency response plans (written to meet regulatory commitments and best practice) and safety cases whilst managing emergency response execution. He is an experienced trainer, coach and advisor to senior private and public sector executives and managers in crisis, disaster and emergency management matters. Additionally, Chris has developed detailed business continuity plans for a variety of industries.