Laura Bowart

General Manager of Operations

Originally from the UK, Laura has worked within the Education and Training, Learning and Development sectors for over 20 years in the management, design and delivery of both accredited and non-accredited courses.  Laura’s background spans across a broad scope of industries including Local Government Councils, Business Administration, Governance, WH&S, Human Resources, Allied Health, Health Administration, Emergency Response and Rescue, Project Management, Leadership and Management, Education Support, Hospitality and Tourism.

Her skills extend throughout the diverse Education and Training sector in addition to Learning and Development and Workforce Capacity Building and Skills Development to ensure the strategic vision and corporate training objectives are met.  Laura specialises in the ability to work collaboratively with key stakeholders to identify contemporary and innovative responses to emerging workforce training needs and trends.

“In today’s ever changing workplace environment we must be able to adapt quickly and respond to our key stakeholders emerging training needs, and their diverse range of business requirements”.  Laura’s core focus is to support, drive and extend quality training outcomes, whilst maintaining exceptional organisational and compliance standards.”