We had the pleasure to meet some of our nurses and paramedics at our Head Office this week while they were training!

Thank you to Michael Williams, Greg Cox, Andrew Handyside, Lewis Cordery, Emely Lydeamore-Walker, Gaby Gale, Brianna Thomas and Vaughan Tocher.

CPA Group run regular in-house accredited Advanced Cardiac Life Support courses to educate our paramedics and nurses in managing critical cases in the field.

Additional training in Occupational Health topics is also provided during the course to broaden their knowledge in common primary care conditions seen at site.

The training is run over 2 days and we aim to run between 9-10 courses per year.

Our Emergency Physician reviews videotapes of all participants undergoing the clinical scenario as part of our Clinical Governance and Authority to Practice Framework.

The lovely staff members were trained by Dr Scott Wilkinson and Ole Juul!