CP believes that Supervisors and Team Leaders are the foundation of our business.

We understand that our leadership team pays an integral role in coordinating and managing the day to day activities at and on the worksites where we operate.

We also understand that building a bridge to our sites requires great site leaders and we invest in developing our team. Communication needs to be effective and both ways.

In addition to initiatives such as the Supervisor Handbook, the Supervisor Professional Development program and the ‘Lead with Confidence’, one fundamental part of this investment is the Supervisors Conference held twice a year and involving Supervisors and Team Leaders from sites across the entire Corporate Protection network.

This brings together the range of professionals in our team, Security professionals can meet other security professionals from other sites, and also meet Medical and Fire and Rescue colleagues. This allows the sharing of best practices and an opportunity to emphasise to our team that they are part of the huge Corporate Protection family.

Whether over dinner, a beer or in a workshop group, we see site leaders working with Head Office staff. It generates enhanced understanding and aid integration. We know from our staff that this initiative is unique in our industry.

But do not ask us, let’s ask the delegates!

Delegate comments (anonymous) provided as part of the delegate survey:

Best one yet!!!

Key highlight of the event was to meet team members from other departments

Thank you for allowing to attend it was good to meet others from all sectors of CPA

It was welcoming knowing that we have a broad range of support as a supervisor, it was great that we are more than a number and that there are people that genuinely care about the staff

My first Time learnt a lot about the Company and things that I need implement going forward for Security. I was very impressed with the way everything was setup, also how helpful everyone was to me. I was nervous, daunting with going to the Conference but that changed in the first 5 minutes on Wednesday Night

This was my very first conference let alone a supervisor conference. I really enjoyed the topics, it opened my mind up to CPA as a whole business and gave me a great insight to how it all works as one. It was also really good to see where we would like to be in the future as a company and the expectations from us all. The best thing I believe was getting to meet everyone and make some not only new friends but expanding my networking. Oh and of course the dinner and drinks just finished off each day perfectly. Thank you all for your efforts in putting this amazing conference together.