Our Medical unit has operated in developing countries for many years and we invest in assisting local staff with their development and training.

These activities help our clients by improving capabilities and assisting in their local content commitments.

For Corporate Protection, we also have a strong commitment and Local content policy, wherever we operate, local staff are sourced whenever possible. Where our risk assessment requires it, our professional trainers visit and assist in enhancing skills and learning.

We have documented some of these initiatives over the years.

Another recent example was aeromedical evacuation training and drills conducted in Timor-Leste for our contractor providers, Dilli based Stamford Medical, conducted by one of our experienced emergency registered nurse.

At the completion of the training, Participants were able to:

  • Prepare themselves and their clinical equipment
  • Mobilise offshore
  • Package the patient
  • Demonstrate effective clinical management to ensure safe and timely patient transportation and handover to onshore service providers

In addition, a Practical session was carried out at Dili heliport:

  • Helicopter familiarisation
  • Consideration of safety issues for medic and patient
  • Ambulant patient seating arrangements
  • Stretcher patient
  • Helicopter vibration and clotting
  • Seating of AME team members
  • Situating equipment around medic and patient
  • Manual handling and safe transfer of stretcher patient from helicopter to ambulance
  • Lighting and night AME

The training was rounded out with a number of clinical scenarios for participants to discuss and complete.

Comments from our medic in conclusion:

In summary the AME training played a significant role in elevating the capabilities of the participants and boosted their confidence. The high expectations placed upon them by the client became clear. Positive feedback was received from the participants and channels for improved communication opened between CPA, Stamford Clinic and the offshore Medics.

And was our client impressed – you be the judge!

I am writing to personally express our appreciation and admiration for exceptional work on developing and delivering training to the Stanford Medical Team in Dili.

Your outstanding efforts and dedication have been noticed, and it is essential to recognise and celebrate your accomplishments.

Your consistent commitment to excellence and your ability to exceeds expectations have made a significant impact on both our team and Santos.

Your contributions have not only elevated the quality of work but have also inspired your colleagues to strive for greatness.

Your unwavering professionalism and positive attitude, and willingness to go above and beyond have made you an invaluable asset to our team.