Corporate Protection has many sites where it has 100% local recruitment. As a family owned and operated company based in Queensland we have always ensured that local sourcing, recruiting and employing local staff is a top priority.

Our founders were both raised in outback Queensland and the culture of awareness and importance of local content runs through the entire organisation. We aim to give back to local communities in real and tangible ways.

With our in-house Registered training Organisation, Baseline Training, we are ideally placed to train and develop local staff to join our teams.

Another recent example was the employment of a female firefighter ESO, a highly skilled Emergency Services Officer living in Chinchilla and deployed by Corporate Protection a major oil and gas project.

Here is the background from our National Manager, Fire and Rescue, Kevin Waterman.

“(She) who used to work in the coffee shop our crews get coffee from each day and lives in Chinchilla.

Before getting training to become an ESO, she was a barista. She had asked me a couple of times about being an ESO and then, unexpectedly, gave me a call and said she had the qualifications.”

Another great example is in Karratha, a remote WA community where we provide Health and Medical staff, traditionally the most difficult to source in a remote rural environment.

Today, CPAHM employs 3 health professionals based locally in Karratha. In addition to fulfilling our commitment to local communities, we are helping our client reach their local objectives. We also reduce the cost of deployment and the requirement for intensive travel management from distant capitals.

And there is a service delivery rationale. Our local staff are all willing to drop everything and assist in the case of unscheduled absences, ensuring roster conformance and consistent service delivery. This gives our rostering team a day or two to source and deploy a longer term replacement.

Local staffing – good for business!