Case Study

At Corporate Protection, innovation and continuous improvement is an integral part of our culture.

We are dedicated to ensuring that lessons learned and best practices are identified and promulgated across our sites.

Head Office personnel are selected on their ability to listen and proactively respond to ideas and concerns from our site personnel.

Our experts are at the coal face.

Rob Clark, our WHSEQ Manager, demonstrated how this can work.

We all recognise the importance of our staff conducting vehicle pre-starts and filing journey management plans. We have long identified journey management as a key mitigation to a major identified risk.

With all the greatest willingness in the world, a complex process for submitting trip management plans can impact the compliance with this important task expectation. We use our proprietary WHSEQ App, CodeSafe, to complete the submission.

Making this as easy as possible for our staff is the key to success.

On a site visit, one of our Fire and Rescue teams pointed out the duplication of

data entry which can occur and the inefficiencies in uploading drivers license on each and every occasion.

Rob took the issue on board and has slashed over 90% of the time taken to submit each journey management plan. This makes it so much easier and allows our staff to get on their way as quickly as possible.

A small but important innovation, derived from site feedback and meeting the needs of our team. Continuous improvement resulting in a

safer workforce.

And importantly, the communication loop was closed with feedback and congratulations (and appreciation) towards our site staff.

This is a story worth telling.