As Corporate Protection approaches the conclusion timeline of our second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in March 2024, we have reached out to RA for their support as we strive to achieve all goals prior.

In addition to offering their full support for a 6-month extension (Sep 2024) in order to complete our program, RA has encouraged us to apply for a new Innovate RAP. As readers would be aware, CP registered its initial RAP (Innovate RAP, 2019 – 2021) and graduated to the current Stretch RAP in 2021.

The next level is the Elevate RAP. Our RAP Working Group has recommended to the CP Board that the Elevate level is not appropriate for our company. Hence, we have approached RA to gain their support for developing a second Innovate RAP.

We proudly announce our intent is supported by RA.