Steven Craig one of our Corporate Protection Australia team members had two of his sons compete in the QLD National Eight Ball Championships.
“Kai has just represented QLD u18s at the National eight ball championship in Canberra. My second son Jayden also competed at this event representing NSW u15.
QLD went through the round robin stage undefeated until the grand final where South Australia managed to defeat them 17-14.
NSW also played well all week and were a throw together side which had 5 juniors from central Queensland region.
They only won 1 match through the round robin but fought to get themselves into the grand final of the bottom half which they were defeated by Northern Territory.
Kai finished 13th in singles and 7th in teams stats.
Jayden finished 18th in singles and 9th in team stats.
Congratulations again to your family and Kai.
Mark Lisle one of our Corporate Protection Australia team members had one of his young family members Nate compete in the Australian Junior Eight Ball Championships.
“Nate thoroughly enjoyed his experience representing NSW at the 2024 Australian Junior Eight Ball Championships.
Despite the challenges of playing in a higher division, he not only secured victories in several games, but most others were also close and he gained valuable insights along the way. Beyond his impressive performance on the table, Nate’s sportsmanship and attitude were acknowledged by multiple other parents and team managers.
He consistently demonstrated commendable behaviour by applauding and encouraging his opponents, showcasing a genuine love for the game and sportsmanship. Competing at this level has been an invaluable experience, intensifying his passion for the game and fueling his determination to continue his cue sports journey.”
Well Done Nate