First impressions count. At Corporate Protection, we understand what an impact a professional appearance has on

  • each staff member’s self-esteem
  • each team’s unity and cohesion
  • each client’s brand and reputation

Our teams represent the public face of their clients. In fact, a Corporate Protection employee is often the very first person encountered by a client’s staff and visitors alike.

That is why we chose “Dress and Bearing” as one of the very first modules to roll out under our CP Academy Professional Development Program. Since this first release, we have added Customer Service and Conflict Management to our library. In the coming months we will be rolling out new modules like:

  • Maritime Security Guard Refresher,
  • Incident Report Writing,
  • Cultural Awareness,
  • Cyber Security and much more, so watch this space.

Whenever our founders, Harley or Sam Sparke, visit a site, they always make dress and bearing a priority. It’s been a hallmark of their approach to the business since day one. With an instinctive eye for detail, they will readily provide feedback and guidance on the appearance of our team.

That’s why we were particularly delighted to receive this feedback from one of our national managers, on his first visit to a particular site:

“I just wanted to congratulate you on the conduct of the team on site.

“As you know, I did an unannounced site visit yesterday. I spent some time with the security, paramedic, and COVID testing teams.

“Everyone, without exception, was very well-dressed, well-spoken and well-presented – not just to me, but to everyone on site.

“The Security ESO team were doing a very good job in keeping the vehicles and equipment clean. They interacted very well with the people going through the gates.

“I also delivered some equipment to the site paramedic, who I witnessed engaging well with the site personnel. I’ve also heard that she’s been conducting training with the ESOs out of hours to ensure they are across medical incidents.

“The COVID tester and security team that conducts hand sanitisation, breathalyser tests and COVID screening and testing were all great representatives for the company.

“Overall, it was really good to see the teams operating so well together… and with the client. I’d say that it was easily one of the best site visits I’ve done. It was a pleasure to see CPA staff genuinely engaged with the client.”

Music to our ears! We can’t wait to hear more feedback after the roll out of our new modules.