Corporate Protection measures Client satisfaction through regular third party surveys of our clients. This allows clients to rate and comment on a range of measures in an objective and non-confrontational environment.

The survey is conducted by a professional market research firm who provide quantitative and qualitative findings. All comments and scores are reviewed by our Executive Chairman – we review the good and the bad.

Corporate Protection monitors its progress overall and by site over time to ensure continuous improvement and to remedy any issues as soon as they develop.

Areas covered under the third party survey include:

  • Onboarding process for new staff and roster placements?
  • The integration of employees within your site teams?
  • Understanding and delivery of your site’s scope of works?
  • The quality of formal monthly reports?
  • The quality of staff dress and demeanor?
  • The quality of staff technical abilities and skills?
  • Managements receptiveness to work through and address your client issues?
  • Ability to fill emergency replacements for rostered positions at short notice?
  • Legislative/clinical compliance?
  • The level of care provided by head office and their support for site staff?
  • Invoicing and finance team support to you as a client?
  • How likely would you recommend Corporate Protection to an industry colleague?

We report our results, two key metrics are our average score (5.0 is perfect!) and whether our client would recommend us to an industry colleague.

In the interests of transparency, in neither category we did not achieve our highest ever scores but we did continue recent trends of strong performance and we have something to aim for next year.

Rest assured we have a team reviewing where we can improve.